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30 Mini Amigurumi Patterns

If you have a penchant for cute, pocket-sized amigurumis, you’re in for a treat! There isn’t anything quite as cute as these mini amigurumi patterns. In this collection, you’ll …

20 Crochet Snail Patterns

Snails have long been seen as boring, slow, and slimy. While there is no denying their slowness and sliminess, snails are anything but boring. Check these crochet snail patterns …

10 Crochet Eagle Patterns

Eagles are so much more than the national symbol of the United States. They’re amazing and ferocious birds of prey that deserve to be appreciated and protected. If you …

15 Crochet Seal Patterns

Dive into our new collection of ocean-themed crochet patterns with these crochet seal patterns. Since crocheting is an art that can render the cutest animals, it’s so appropriate that …

10 Crochet Platypus Patterns

Despite being a renowned recluse, the platypus is one of Australia’s most recognized animals. With water-resistant fur, this semi-aquatic creature loves to frolic and play in the freshwater rivers …

13 Crochet Crab Patterns

Now that summer’s here, we’re all about the sunshine, beach, and ocean animals. We’ve put together a super fun list of crochet crab patterns that we think you are …

10 Crochet Rhino Patterns

As its name suggests, rhinoceros means “nose horn.” These gentle giants are known for the enormous horns growing out from their snouts. Unfortunately, these brilliant animals are on the brink of extinction due …

10 Crochet Rat Patterns

Those who suffer from musophobia might want to stop reading. This list is about rats! Treat yourself or a loved one to some rat-themed awesomeness with these crochet rat patterns. While …

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