5 Festive Crochet Christmas Doilies Pattern

Buying Christmas decorations can be fun, but why not make it more special by making your starting with these crochet Christmas doilies?

These lovely, Christmasy doilies will surely be a great addition to your festivity decorations!

crochet christmas doilies free pattern

5 Christmas Crochet Doily Patterns

There are a lot of doilies you can make, but only some of them are Christmas-themed. To narrow down your choices, we listed five of the best crochet Christmas doilies available online.

Read through our list to find out more!

1. Starry Christmas Doily Crochet Pattern By Creative Crochet Workshop

Create a lovely Christmas table centerpiece with this incredibly easy pattern from Creative Crochet Workshop. This crochet Christmas doilies uses basic stitches and simple shaping that’s perfect for beginner crocheters.

Adding the stars in alternating colors on the edges of the doily is optional. However, the doily will be a little smaller in size (8 inches) as compared to the doily with the stars (11 inches).

Starry Christmas Doily Crochet Pattern By Creative Crochet Workshop

Get this Pattern Here.

2. Table Decor Christmas Doily Crochet Pattern By HappyCreationsByVita

Thinking of making a doily in different sizes? You have to check out this medium level crochet christmas doilies pattern that works on both thin and thick yarns.

Using a thin thread and a 1.3 mm hook creates a 5 inches version of this crochet doily. However, if you use a thicker yarn and a bigger hook, you’ll be able to create a bigger version of the doily.

Table Decor Christmas Doily Crochet Pattern By HappyCreationsByVita

Get this Crochet Christmas Table Decor Doily Pattern By HappyCreationsByVita Here.

3. Crochet Christmas Doily Coaster By HappyCreationsByVita

The next on the list of our crochet Christmas doilies similar to the previous pattern because it’s from the same designer! However, unlike the previous one, this christmas doilies crochet pattern is a more solid center making it a perfect Christmas coaster.

Because of the intricately designed, three-leafed clover pattern on the edge of this crochet Christmas doily, this one is considered as a medium level pattern.

But do not worry, the pattern comes with a diagram and a detailed step by step photo of how to complete the crochet doily.

Crochet Christmas Doily Coaster By HappyCreationsByVita

Get this Crochet Christmas Coaster Doily By HappyCreationsByVita Here.

4. Christmas Rose Coaster Pattern By SewHappyCreative

We are used to seeing crochet Christmas doilies that are made using really thin threads? However, this Christmas Rose Coaster Pattern used a 4 ply cotton to make the doily look a little different from the others.

Using red, green, and white yarn colors will help give this Christmas rose coaster a more Christmasy feel.

If you wish to achieve the exact look, use Scheepjes Catona yarns in Bridal white, hot green, green saffron, or any other 4 ply cotton yarn.

Christmas Rose Coaster Pattern By SewHappyCreative
Christmas Rose Coaster Pattern By SewHappyCreative

Get this Christmas Rose Coaster Pattern By SewHappyCreative Here.

5. Crochet Christmas Doilies Pattern

This crochet Christmas doilies is going to look fabulous on the table for Christmas dinner. How are your festive and holiday preparations going?  All to plan, and ahead of schedule.  

Good, then you’ll have time to just whip up a couple of these amazing Christmas tree doilies. We simply adore this design and think its great for a family dinner table, or on your side table during the holiday season.

Why not decorate with small beads, crystals or sequins, or even those tiny white pom poms?  Make each tree the same or different – kids would love to decorate these in their own designs and then each could become a family keepsake.

Christmas Doilies Crochet Patterns

BUT, you may need to be a crochet expert to make this project.  There are no written instructions provided, no materials list, no video, just a crochet diagram. There are a few step by step photos but you’ll need to have crochet experience to make up this Christmas Tree doily.

Christmas doilies look breathtaking at the dinner table during Christmas festivities. Quick question, how are your holiday and festive season preparations coming along? What do your decorative plans entail this year?

If you hadn’t thought of crochet Christmas doilies, then you have just enough time to whip up a couple of fantastic Christmas doilies. The design is widely adored globally and has for the longest time now. It has been a great decorative piece for side tables or family dinner tables during the festive season.

With the addition of decorative pieces such as crystals, small beads, and sequins, you can add a bit more jazz to your doily. The Christmas tree patterns can be made to look the same, or each one can be unique.

Holiday crocheting is an activity you ought to involve your kids or at least you owe them that much. Kids would appreciate the opportunity to decorate the doilies in their imaginative designs, and afterward, each doily can become a treasured family keepsake.

You may, however, need to be a crocheting guru to execute this crochet Christmas doilies pattern successfully. For the amateur crocheters, sadly there are no written tutorials provided, how-to videos or any instructional material on how to crochet a Christmas doilie.

Just a crochet diagram which in most instances is enough for the experienced crocheters. You can use these resources to put together a decent Christmas doily. It will give your household a more festive appeal during the cold-weather season.

The festive season brings with it an abundance of crocheted Christmas ornaments. Festive christmas doilies crochet patterns, snuggly afghans, free crochet Christmas stocking patterns and a variety of holiday décor options.

As if that isn’t enough crocheting for one season, there are warm, crochet hat and scarf pattern designs as well as numerous other cold-weather accessories. Not surprising, there are crochet sweater designs for your dog.

With about a month to go, there is an aura of excitement and special feelings in the air with the holidays just around the corner. Thoughts and hearts are turned homeward to family and social gatherings.

As is the culture and practice, gift exchanges, the age-old ritual of adorning houses with glowing accessories and exquisite decorations. Amidst all the clamor and flurry of activities, the Christmas doilies have still managed to find their place.

What better way is there to grace your home than with a collection of Christmas doilies. Using either of the Christmas Doilies crochet patterns. Christmas doilies crochet patterns bring out memories and stories, particularly during the holiday season.

You can crochet up one or a few Christmas doilie designs based on one or several patterns. You can use one of these cheerful Christmas doilies at the dining table. This will relay a message of welcome and good tidings to all your friends and family.

A Christmas doilie placed on the dinner table is a reminder of the good times shared. It will become a talking point with those near and dear to you throughout the years.

Visitors will feel more comfortable in your home thanks to precious christmas doilies crochet placed around your house as crocheted decorations. We’re not savages after all are we. As you might have realized, there are an awful lot of places you can display Christmas doilies in your home.

In conclusion, this Christmas doilies crochet pattern is versatile. It can only be limited to the color you choose to use. Christmas doilies crochet have a simple lace crochet look that is easy for inexperienced knitters or intermediate skill level crocheters.

In the period leading up to the holiday’s, immerse yourself in the crocheting of these festive Christmas doilies. Even if you haven’t previously been familiar with this type of design. I assure you that you won’t regret taking on the Christmas Doilies crochet challenge.

You can use the crochet Christmas doilies for your home or as a holiday gift. For someone that appreciates and understands the value of a delicate crochet doilie. Bring warmth to your home or a friend’s home by crocheting a Christmas doily for yourself or others this coming festive season. Spread the cheer and wishes of good tidings using this unique item.

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Make Your Christmas Decorations More Personal with these Crochet Christmas Doilies

The crochet Christmas doilies we listed are so easy to make, we are pretty sure you’ll have enough time to make at least one before Christmas!  Have you decided which doily to make?

Don’t forget to update us when you end up making all the doilies on the list, or if you worked on at least one of them. Feel free to post your finished works on our Facebook Page!

If you’re looking for other decorations for this year’s Christmas, check out the other Christmas patterns on our website.

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Give a personal touch to your Christmas decors this year by working on one of these crochet Christmas doilies.


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