Lovely Elephant Crochet Baby Mobile Pattern For Your Baby

Calm your nerves and release your stress by working on this elephant crochet baby mobile pattern. We know the last few days of waiting for the baby can be nerve-racking, so we wanted to help you, our lovely moms-to-be, relax!

Working on this crochet elephant mobile pattern will not only calm your nerves, but you’ll also be able to make something for your baby! We’re sure this crochet mobile pattern will be a great addition to your little one’s nursery.

Are you ready to make cute, little amigurumi elephants on hot air balloons? Continue reading this article to find out how to make this lovely crochet elephant mobile!

Lovely Crochet Elephant Mobile Pattern For Your Baby

About the Designer of the Crochet Elephant Mobile

If you’re planning to make a mini zoo for your little one, you have to check out Birdsandcrickets’ other patterns! They have other animal patterns that will surely capture your heart. 

What instantly captured out attention, aside from the adorable nursery decor and animal amigurumi, are the colors they use in their designs.

The light and pastel colors they use surely work well with other decors for a nursery.

Recommended Yarns to Use for the Crochet Elephant Mobile

To achieve the desired look for this crochet elephant mobile pattern, you have to have the right yarns. Good thing they recommended some yarns so you can easily prepare your materials before working on the pattern.

Limone yarn By WOLLalaa
Limone yarn By WOLLalaa

First, we have the Limone Amigurumi yarn. This light-weight, mercerized cotton yarn made by Schoeller + Stahl is made from 100% combed and mercerized cotton.

Aside from amigurumi, they are also used for summery garments and airy accessories. 

The other yarn you’ll be using in this pattern is the Catania Cotton Yarn. Just like the Limone Amigurumi yarn, this lightweight yarn is also perfect for summer garments.

With this yarn, you’ll surely find the color you’ll need because you’ll have 61 color choices. 

Catania Cotton Yarn By TCrewsDesigns
Catania Cotton Yarn By TCrewsDesigns

About the Crochet Elephant Mobile Pattern

Now that we have a little background about the designer and we know what yarns to use, we’re ready to learn more about the crochet elephant mobile pattern

This pattern has 12 pages of instructions written in both English and German. It includes a pattern of not only an elephant, but also patterns for a giraffe, a tiger, and a zebra. 

Animal-themed Crochet Mobile By Birdsandcrickets
Animal-themed Crochet Mobile By Birdsandcrickets

You’re free to customize your own mobile. If you want, you can make four elephants instead of creating the other three animals. You can also use different colors for the hot air balloons to match the theme of your nursery. 

Aside from the animal patterns, it also has instructions on how to assemble the whole mobile and a pattern for the mini hot air balloon.

The pattern is pretty detailed, and other crocheters who have tried to make this crochet baby mobile pattern says it’s really easy to follow.

Are you ready to relax and make something new for your little one?

Skill Level


Materials Needed


3 mm (US 2) crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Sport Weight Yarn

Fiberfill stuffing

4 polystyrene balls of 3.15 inches (8 cm) diameter

8 black glass beads (or plastic safety eyes) of 4 mm diameter

a plastic (or wooden) ring of 1.2 inches (30 mm) diameter

a wooden frame of 10 inches (25 cm) diameter

Stitches Used

Magic Ring – Check out Magic Ring tutorial

Chain Stitch – Learn Chain Stitch here

Slip Stitch

Single Crochet – How to do Single Crochet Stitch

Half Double Crochet – Guide on how to do Half Double Crochet



Tapestry Crochet (crochet carrying the second color along the top of single crochet being worked in)

Have You Started Working on Your Crochet Elephant Mobile Pattern?

We’re excited to see the mobiles you made using this crochet elephant mobile pattern! Did you make all the animals or did you make four cute, little elephants?

As always, we love seeing your works! Feel free to post your finished crochet mobile on our Facebook Page. Also, if you’re looking for other toys or decors to add to your nursery, we have other crochet baby toy patterns you can make! 

We hope working on this crochet elephant mobile pattern helped calm your nerves!