Crochet Zipper Bag Tunisian Pattern Video

Video - how to crochet a zipper bag with Tunisian Basket Weave Stitch. Shows how to do the zipper and lining too. Free crochet bag pattern.


Crochet Zipper Bag Tunisian Pattern 

Crochet zipper bag tunisian pattern is a two-for-one tutorial video for you today.  Learn a brand new stitch with the Tunisian Basket Weave Stitch and then use your panels to crochet a cute zipper bag with a lining.  The video shows you how to complete the new stitch and the bag, step by step.  Learn how to crochet in the zip to your bag and add the fabric lining.

Never tried Tunisian Crochet before?  Then you might need to invest in a new type of crochet hook, rather like a cross between a crochet hook and a knitting needle, because you’ll be keeping stitches on your hook as you work and so you’ll need a longer length.



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