Crochet Shell Stitch with Picots FREE Pattern Tutorial

This crochet shell stitch with picots is a beautiful way to embellish blankets, cardigans,  and other projects. And the picots, or rays, take a simple shell stitch to another level of beauty. Isn’t it nice to learn a new stitch to add variety to your projects?  You’ll enjoy learning this elegant stitch when you read the tutorial.

Here’s a list of the techniques you’ll need to be familiar with in order to create this stitch:


  • Chain stitch – ch
  • Slip stitch – slt
  • Double crochet/single crochet – dc/sc
  • Treble/Double crochet – tr/dc
  • Front Post tr/dc – FPtr/dc
  • Stitch – st
  • Post stitch – pst

With this delicate stitch, you’ll create beautiful pieces that your friends and family will enjoy!

Crochet Shell Stitch with Picots FREE Pattern Tutorial

Step by step instructions on how to do the Shell Stitch with Picots. A picot makes every crochet stitch better!

Download the stitch diagram and pictures for your files here

Crochet Shell Stitch with Picots Tutorial here