Crochet Bobble Stitch Tutorial | Written

Sometimes the weather can be a little confusing. It’s extremely cold during the morning, then it becomes hot during the afternoon! As a result, it’s a little hard to plan what you’ll be bringing with you when you go out.

Should you bring your thick scarf? Or maybe the lacy one will work? Well, you don’t have to worry about these things anymore! Make a scarf using the Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch and you’ll have fabric cozy enough for both the hot and cold weather!

Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch Tutorial | Written

Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch Tutorial

Have you been looking for a stitch that’s warm, but airy at the same time? Well, here’s the perfect stitch for you!

The Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch creates a fabric that is both warm and a little lacy at the same time! Its warmth is given by the repeating bobble pattern, and its airiness is from the arches that groups the bobbles. 

By just looking at the intricate design made by this stitch, it’s similarities and differences from the Cluster Stitch and Bobble Stitch. It is mostly similar to the Bobble Stitch especially with its embossed bobbles. 

Although this stitch mentions the word cluster in its name, the fabric it creates does not really look like the flat fabric Cluster Stitch makes. It somehow separates and groups each bobble into its own by adding arches around it. 

It’s kinda hard to just imagine what it will look like, so let’s get to learning how to make this stitch!

Bobbles in Clusters
Bobbles in Clusters By MyPicot

Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch Written Instructions

First, you have to learn how to make the cluster stitch (cls). Make seven incomplete double crochet then yarn over through all the loops.

Make a foundation chain in multiples of 6.

Row 1:

Skip 1 chain(ch), * single crochet (sc) in the next chain, chain(ch) 5, and skip 3 chains. Sc in next ch, ch3, skip next ch. * Repeat this pattern.

Sc in next ch, ch 5, sc in last ch. Turn.

Row 2:

Ch5. * sc in the ch5 space, ch2, 1 cluster stitch (cls) in ch3 space. Ch2. * Repeat this pattern.

Sc in ch5 space, ch2. Double crochet (dc) in last sc from the previous row. Turn. 

Cluster Bobble Stitch Tutorial
Cluster Bobble Stitch Tutorial By MyPicot
Row 3:

Ch1, sc in the dc from the previous row. * ch3, sc in the ch2 space. Ch5, sc in the ch2 space. Repeat this pattern.

Ch3, sc in the third chain. Turn.

Row 4:

Ch5, * cls in ch3 space, ch2. Sc in ch5 space, ch2. * Repeat this pattern.

Cls in ch3 space, ch2. Dc in last sc from the previous row. Turn.


Ch1, sc in dc from the previous row. * ch5, sc in ch2 space. Ch3, sc in ch2 space. * Repeat this pattern.

Ch5, sc in third ch. Turn.

Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch Video Tutorial

Patterns to Make Using Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch

With its versatile fabric, you have a wide array of crochet projects to make! Some of the usual works are blankets, scarves, and shawls.

Want a more intricately designed scarf that also serves its purpose? Choose are yarn that works best with all your outfits and use this stitch to create a lacy fabric with a beautiful texture!

Another project you can make using this gorgeous stitch is a blanket. Emphasize the bobbles by making rows in different colors! With a fabric not as dense as the bobble and cluster stitch, you’ll definitely feel both the warmth and coziness you need. 

Cluster Bobble Stitch Pattern
Cluster Bobble Stitch Pattern

Show Us Your Crochet Bobble Stitch Works

Did you have fun learning how to make the Crochet Bobble Stitch? We hope you did! 

We love seeing the progress of our community, so feel free to post your works on our Facebook Page. Looking forward to seeing what you’re working on!

If you love learning new stitches, we have plenty of other gorgeous stitches you have to try!

Want to make another project using this stitch? This Crochet Bobble Stitch Tutorial will always be here to guide you!


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