42 Best Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Patterns for 2024

We have listed 42 cozy and comfy crochet baby boy blanket patterns you can use as gifts to your expecting friends, to your friends who just had their baby, or even to your little ones!


Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect gift for your friend’s baby boy or even to your little one? Then why not use your crochet skills and make your own gift using these free crochet baby boy blanket patterns!

To get you ready in creating these patterns, here is our How to Crochet a Blanket Beginner’s Guide and Crochet Stitches Used in Blankets.

42 Best Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Patterns for 2024

1. 3-in-1 Sheep Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By CraftingHappinessUK

If you want your little guy to have a warm and cuddly company while he sleeps, this 3-in-1 sheep blanket is perfect for him! Not only is it a blanket, but it’s also a pillow and an all around decoration.

Your baby will surely have fun adventures with his little sheep in his dreams.

3 in 1 Sheep Blanket Pattern by CraftingHappinessUK

Get the 3-in-1 Sheep Blanket Pattern here.

2. Estelle Baby Boy Crochet Blanket Pattern By OwlBHooked

Let your baby boy be one with the stars. Watch your little one snuggle up with this simple and modern blanket while he sleeps. Although he’s covered with all the stars in this blanket, pretty sure he’ll always be the brightest star for you.

Estelle Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By OwlBHooked

Get Estelle Baby Blanket Pattern here.

3. Henry’s Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By Little Monkeys Crochet

Winter trips can be a little uncomfortable for the babies because of how cold it can get. Make these trips a little better for the little ones by making this blanket that’s thick and perfect for car seats!

By working on this blanket, you’ll be able to give your little boy an extra layer of warmth.

Henry's Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By Little Monkeys Crochet

Get the Henry’s Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern here.

4. Marlowe Baby Boy Crochet Blanket Pattern By SundaeYarns

If you’re looking for a blanket you can easily take anywhere, this pattern is for you. Made with light yarns, it’s perfect for a family who’s always on the go. It’s a simple blanket you also use to add a pop of color to your little one’s crib.

Marlowe Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By SundaeYarns

Get Marlowe Baby Blanket Pattern here.

5. Teddy Bear Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By CaliChicBaby

The little ones usually love sleeping with their teddy bear. This teddy bear baby blanket will definitely fit in because of its colors and lovely texture. Plus, the trimming in the edges will remind your little boy of his Teddy’s ears.

Check out more teddy bear crochet patterns here.

Teddy Bear Blanket Pattern By CaliChicBaby

Get this Teddy Bear Baby Blanket Pattern here.

6. Edward Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By LittleDoolally

With its simple pattern and lively colors, this blanket will definitely be everyone’s favorite! Additionally, it’s perfect even for beginners because it only uses the basic stitches to make the lovely texture.

Make this lively blanket to brighten up your little one’s room.

Edward Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By LittleDoolally

Get this Edward Crochet Baby BoyBlanket Pattern here.

7. Nautical Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By Daisy Farm Crafts

We’re pretty sure ocean lover parents out there will love this nautical themed baby blanket. Because of its softness and of its colors, it will be a definite reminder of the colors of the sea. Wrap him up in this nautical blanket and watch him dream about his adventures in the high seas.

Nautical Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By Daisy Farm Crafts

Get the Nautical Crochet Baby Baby Blanket Pattern here.

8. Simple Scallop Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By NannysLegacy

Thinking of making a gift for your expecting friend but do not know the baby’s gender yet? Make this scallop baby blanket in gender neutral colors and you’ll have the perfect gift! It has this lovely texture perfect for girls, but it’s also simple enough for little boys.

Simple Scallop Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By NannysLegacy

Get this Simple Scallop Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern here.

9. Chunky Cable Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By LeoAndMeShop

Afternoon walks are a great mother and son bonding, but sometimes the cold air can be a little too much for your little one. To keep your little boy warm and cozy during your walks, try putting this cabled blanket in his stroller.

Made with worsted weight yarns, this chunky blanket is thick enough to keep your boy comfortable.

Chunky Cable Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By LeoAndMeShop

Get this Chunky Cable Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern here.

10. Mandala Yarn Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By StandingStonesYarn

If you want a blanket that is both beautiful and functional, you better check out this Mandala Baby Blanket. What we love about this blanket aside from its beauty is how you can use it in any weather!

Your baby will definitely be comfy snuggling this blanket whether it’s hot or it’s cold.

Crochet Mandala Baby Blanket By StandingStonesYarn

Get the Mandala Yarn Baby Blanket Pattern here.

11. Dylan Baby Boy Blanket By kathyscrochetcloset

Is it your newborn’s first day out? Don’t forget to bring this baby blanket to help him keep warm! It’s beautiful texture and intricate designs are made using the basic stitches only.

Aside from that, it also comes with a matching striped hat your newborn can wear.

Dylan Baby Boy Blanket By kathyscrochetcloset

Get Dylan Baby Boy Blanket Pattern here.

12. Chunky Square Crochet Baby Blanket By MouseAndThimble

If you want to learn how to crochet and have a nice output at the same time, you better checkout this chunky blanket. It’s a really easy project that even beginners can finish. Aside from that, the pattern you’ll be receiving has lots of tips and photos to guide you as you work.

Chunky Square Crochet Blanket By MouseAndThimble

Get this Chunky Square Crochet Blanket Pattern here.

13. Love Triangles Baby Blanket By 1dogwoof

Looking for something bright and bold that fits your little boy’s personality? Unlike other light colored baby blankets, this one features one bright color as the main color, and a few other more neutral ones to balance it.

With it’s bold geometric design, it’s definitely not your ordinary baby blanket.

Love Triangles Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By 1dogwoof

Get Love Triangles Baby Blanket Pattern here.

14. Bubbles Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By LullabyLodge

Want a textured blanket for your baby? This cozy Bubbles Baby Blanket is something you should definitely try! Aside from its fluffy look, this blanket captures everyone’s attention because of its colors.

Choose the Caron Cake Yarn that speaks to you and make the blanket for your little one.

Bubbles Baby Blanket By LullabyLodge

Get the Bubbles Baby Blanket Pattern here.

15. Done in a Day Baby Boy Crochet Blanket By Dabbles and Babbles

Have you always wanted to do something bigger than a scarf but have always been worried you won’t be able to finish it? Then, you should try making this blanket.

It’s really easy you just have to know how to make a chain and a double crochet! It works up super fast and just like how it’s named – it can be done in a day.

Done in a Day Baby Boy Blanket By Dabbles and Babbles

Get the Done in a Day Baby Blanket Pattern here.

16. Hexagon Baby Blanket By LittleMonkeyShop

If you want a gift that will stand out, you have to make it extraordinary! Well, you better check this geometric baby blanket. Although its edges scream baby boy, this blanket is still soft enough perfect for the baby’s sensitive skin.

16. Hexagon Baby Blanket By LittleMonkeyShop

Get Hexagon Baby Blanket Pattern here.

17. Avalon Baby Blanket By PeachtreeCottage

With this blanket’s gorgeous texture and beautiful pattern, it will still be a family favorite after many years. This blanket is not only soft and snuggly, it will also fit perfectly in cribs!

Imagine passing down this blanket to your daughter along with the loving moments that this blanket witnessed.

Avalon Crochet Baby Blanket By PeachtreeCottage

Get Avalon Baby Blanket Pattern here.

18. Chevron Baby Baby Boy Crochet Blanket By SigoniMacaroni

Finding a baby shower gift that’s unique can be quite hard, that’s why we always suggest that you just make one! This blanket has a simple chevron repeating pattern that uses 4 yarn colors.

Also, you can even choose whichever color combination you want! So if ever you’re looking for a last minute gift, you better check this crochet baby boy blanket pattern out.

Chevron Baby Blanket By SigoniMacaroni

Get Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern here.

19. Double Diamond Free Crochet Baby Blanket for Boy Pattern By AllFreeCrochet

Here’s an easy to make baby blanket soft enough for your little boy. This crochet baby blanket pattern creates a square blanket with delicate design perfect for your little one.

Additionally, you’re free to customize your blanket by choosing colors that fit your little boy’s personality.

Double Diamond Baby Blanket By AllFreeCrochet

Get Double Diamond Baby Blanket Pattern here.

20. Deer Crochet Baby Blanket By ColorandShapeDesign

You might have had to take another look on this blanket because you were intrigued by it’s embossed design. Well, that design is pretty visible even from afar because of the popcorn stitch!

If you want to up your crochet game and make something for your little boy at the same time, this is the crochet baby boy blanket pattern you should try.

You may also check out adorable crochet deer patterns here.

Deer Baby Blanket By ColorandShapeDesign

Get this Deer Baby Blanket Pattern here.

21. Viola Baby Blanket By CaliChicBaby

Chunky blankets are perfect for the winter season. Keep your little one warm while he takes his afternoon crib naps by making this bulky and incredibly soft baby blanket. With its adorable texture and delicate design, it can also be used as decoration.

Viola Crochet Baby Blanket By CaliChicBaby

Get this Viola Baby Blanket Pattern here.

22. Cozy and Free Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By Alnaar of Leeleeknits

If you’re having trouble looking for the perfect blanket for your newborn with sensitive skin, here’s a tip – choose one made with the softest merino or acrylic blend.

We included this baby blanket in this list of crochet baby boy blanket patterns because the suggested yarn for this crochet baby blanket pattern is meant for babies with sensitive skin.

The blanket is also machine washable for easy cleaning, since you’ll probably be doing that a lot because of your newborn.

Cozy and Free Crochet Baby Blanket By Alnaar of Leeleeknits

Get this Cozy and Free Baby Blanket Pattern here.

23. Fox Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern By cozynorthwoods

Are you thinking of making an animal themed room for your new baby? Well, if you haven’t bought a blanket yet you should definitely check out this fox baby blanket!

Its white and orange colors will go well with anything and the sleepy fox patterns in this blanket is a joy to look at. Also, it has lovely puffy edging that makes it look even cozier.

More fox crochet patterns here.

Crochet Fox Baby Blanket By cozynorthwoods

Get the Fox Baby Blanket Pattern here.

24. Little Ombre Baby Crochet Blanket By WoodsandWoolShop

Instead of going with the traditional baby themed nursery, some of us opt to go with the more modern route. Good thing we also have a crochet baby boy blanket pattern that will complement the modern feel of your room!

This little blanket uses neutral shades to give off a modern look. If you want it a little livelier, you can always customize it by using bright colors that you prefer.

Little Ombre Blanket For a Baby Boy By WoodsandWoolShop

Get the Little Ombre Blanket Pattern here.

25. Bunny Parade Blanket By KerryJayneDesigns

This bunny blanket crochet baby blanket pattern features a family of adorable little bunnies. Since these bunnies are made separately, you can stitch them on the blanket and you can also add them to other items in your room!

It’s really easy to make, plus comes with step by step tutorials on how to make the blanket and how to make the bunnies.

Check out more adorable bunny crochet patterns here

Bunny Parade Baby Blanket By KerryJayneDesigns

Get the Bunny Parade Blanket Pattern here.

26. Free Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By Crochet Dreamz

For a fun but warm and comfortable nap time, we have included in this list of crochet baby boy blanket patterns a free blanket pattern that can be done in just 4 hours!

Because this yarn is made using Chenille yarn, simple stitches are used in this blanket since the yarn doesn’t have much stitch definition. A half double crochet variation is used for a warmer feel since it doesn’t have any holes.

As a result, the blanket has an adorable interlocking texture that you’ll definitely want to run your hands through.

Free Baby Boy Blanket By Crochet Dreamz

Get the Free Baby Boy Blanket Pattern here.

27. Po the Playful Penguin Baby Boy Crochet Blanket By TheodoreAndRose

The best play times are spent with your best friend. Well, best friends don’t have to be other babies too. It can also be a toy you’ve had ever since you were born!

This Penguin blanket that also doubles as a toy is the perfect playmate for your baby. It can be your baby’s all day companion and your baby’s first best friend.

Since it might also be his security blanket, it’s best that this blanket is made with yarn that’s soft and easy to clean.

Po the Playful Penguin Blanket By TheodoreAndRose

Get Po the Playful Penguin Blanket Pattern here.

28. Sailboat Baby Boy Crochet Blanket By sevenPMstitches

Do you think your little boy will one day be an adventurer? Support his dreams while he’s still young by making him this free sailboat baby blanket.

The little holes that doubles as the pattern that creates the sailboat shape allows air to pass so it will still be airy during the warmer season.

Give your baby a sound and comfy sleep while he dreams about his adventures over the sea with this aptly themed sailboat blanket.

Sailboat Baby Blanket By sevenPMstitches

Get Sailboat Baby Blanket Pattern here.

29. Feather and Fan Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern By PersiaLou

Afternoon picnics can be ruined by changing weather. It could be a little too windy outside, but not cold enough for your thick baby blankets. The solution? Make a lacy baby blanket like this feather and fan crochet baby blanket pattern.

It’s made with lighter yarns to create a lacy baby blanket perfect for afternoon picnics during summer.

Feather and Fan Blanket By PersiaLou

Get this Feather and Fan Blanket Pattern here.

30. Snuggle Down Crochet Baby Blanket By hollanddesigns

Not all snuggly and gorgeous blankets are complicated. Take this blanket for example, this is this knit looking snuggle blanket that even beginners can make! It uses simple stitches and a special stitch that creates a beautiful drape and a nice texture.

To make this blanket, you only have to repeat a single row pattern.

Snuggle Down Blanket By hollanddesigns

Get this Snuggle Down Blanket Pattern here.

31. Monkey Business Crochet Baby Blanket By TSBCrochetPatterns

Are you an intermediate or expert crochet who’s ready for a challenge? Maybe you can try making this baby blanket with monkey details! Although it uses the basic stitches only, it needs lots of color changes and stitching together.

This geometric blanket design with an embossed and detailed monkey is definitely worth all the effort you exerted.

Monkey Business Blanket By TSBCrochetPatterns

Get the Monkey Business Blanket Pattern here.

32. Fox Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By MyCrochetStories

You better prepare enough yarns since you’ll be making 30 fox pieces for this blanket. Yes, you got that right. This cozy and cuddly baby boy blanket is made up of 30 fox pieces in different color combinations.

Although it is targeted for intermediate crocheters, the pattern has detailed descriptions that beginners can easily understand.

Fox Baby Blanket Pattern By MyCrochetStories

Get Fox Baby Blanket Pattern here.

33. C2C Chevron Baby Blanket By Cookie Snob

C2C in crochet usually means corner to corner where you crochet your work from corner to corner and this time using the diagonal box stitch. This C2C blanket uses a lovely color combination that creates a nice chevron pattern.

To complete the baby blanket, you have to make 6 of each accent color squares and join them together using the Mattress Stitch.

C2C Chevron Baby Blanket By Cookie Snob

Get This C2C Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern here.

34. Hooded Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By olgapoltava

Let your little one experience the outdoors with this baby blanket! It’s perfect for outdoor picnics, plus you can lay down your little boy in this cozy blanket and let him enjoy the outdoor life. It also has a hood for additional protection for the baby.

Hooded Baby Boy Blanket By olgapoltava

Get The Hooded Baby Blanket Pattern here.

35. Wrapped in Bows Baby Boy Blanket Pattern By knotsewcute

Keep yourself busy while waiting for the arrival of your little boy by making a baby blanket for him. It would be a great way to keep yourself busy and de stress yourself from everything you’re going through in your pregnancy. Since it’s a simple blanket, you’re sure to have a fun and easy crochet experience.

Wrapped in Bows Baby Blanket By knotsewcute

Get Wrapped in Bows Baby Blanket Pattern here.

36. Little Ripple Baby Blanket By SimplyCollectible

This blanket uses the Ripple Crochet Stitch so you’re sure it’s sturdy and well put together. With the proper washing and tender loving care, you’ll be able to keep this one for a long time or even hand it down to future generations!

Choose three yarn colors that you think will look great together and will fit your new baby, then it’s time to crochet!

Little Ripple Baby Blanket By SimplyCollectible

Get Little Ripple Baby Blanket Pattern here.

37. Super Easy Free Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By PurlSoho

Calling all newbie crocheters, this is the perfect blanket for you! If you want to make a sturdy but not too stiff blanket, you better check out this crochet blanket pattern.

You’re free to choose any 7 yarn colors you want, but I suggest you stick with the colors used in the pattern since they look absolutely gorgeous! A really simple way to make an elegant and soft enough blanket for babies.

Free Super Easy Crochet Baby Blanket By PurlSoho

Get Free Super Easy Baby Blanket Pattern here.

38. Football Fever Baby Blanket By Designcity

Are you a fan of football? Groom your little one to also love your favorite sport by making him this football inspired baby blanket! Made up of little squares with football in each, it’s the perfect blanket for parents who absolutely love football.

Create one using the colors of your favorite team. Start introducing your little one to the sport while he’s young and hopefully they’ll love your favorite sport too!

Check out more crochet football patterns here.

Football Fever Baby Boy Blanket By Designcity

Get Football Fever Baby Blanket Pattern here.

39. Modern Baby Boy Crochet Blanket By babybirdpatterns

If you want a modern take on your baby blankets, we included another crochet baby boy blanket pattern that is very modern and has neutral colors perfect for any baby gender.

To make it look more fun and interesting, you can add square bobble stitch to frame your blanket. By making this pattern, you’ll have a blanket with a soft texture and stretchy drape in no time!

Modern Baby Blanket By babybirdpatterns

Get This Modern Baby Blanket Pattern here.

40. Easy Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By CaliChicBaby

Welcome your friend to motherhood by making her this simple and really easy baby boy blanket! Because it uses bulky yarns, it’s the perfect last minute gift since the pattern works up quickly. You don’t even have to do any edgings on the blanket, so it’s perfect even for new crocheters!

Easy Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By CaliChicBaby

Get This Easy Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern here.

41. Puff Bobble Heart Crochet Baby Boy Blanket By SeacliffeCottage

This is the baby blanket you should definitely try if you want something simple but will catch others’ attention. There’s literally a puffy heart that pops out in the middle of this blanket!

Moreover, the bobble stitch heart creates a perfect contrast with the clean and simple texture of the blanket.

More lovable heart patterns here.

Puff Bobble Heart Baby Boy Blanket By SeacliffeCottage

Get The Puff Bobble Heart Blanket Pattern here.

42. Bobble Stripe Crochet Baby Blanket By KathieSewHappy

The striped bobbles gives this blanket a classy and elegant look. Because of its elegance, you can never go wrong with this blanket, make one in white for a gender neutral gift.

You can also make one in pastel colors to decorate your nursery. If you want a warm blanket with a nice texture, this is the perfect blanket for you!

Bobble Stripe Crochet Blanket By KathieSewHappy

Get Bobble Stripe Blanket Pattern here.

Wrapping Up Our Favourite Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Patterns for Baby Boys

With this vast selection of gorgeous and functional crochet baby boy blanket patterns, it will be really hard to just choose one. Then why not choose as many as you like.

Now that you have something for your baby boy, its time to look for a pattern that will suit you best. Check out our Ripple Blanket Patterns, Modern Blanket Patterns, and Butterfly Blanket Patterns.

Everyone appreciates and treasures the gifts that are made with love, especially when you made it for their little ones!

Of course, we would love to see some of your creations. Feel free to the blanket patterns you completed on our Facebook Page and let the whole community cheer you on a job well done!

Share the warmth of your love and the safety you’re willing to provide through these crochet baby boy blanket patterns.


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