Zeffirka Crochet Boho Backpack Pattern

Spruce up your outfit of the day with this trendy Zeffirka Crochet Boho Backpack Pattern that forms a close-knit fabric which makes it sturdy and perfect for everyday use.

crochet backpack
Backpack Zeffirka NEW Large backpack by Olha Bilyk of I love Create Store

This boho bag crochet pattern is made by Olha Bilyk of I love Create Store. It goes with any outfit because of its simple, clean and casual design. May it be a quick trip to the mall, doing grocery shopping or a simple catching up with friends, this boho backpack Zeffirka’s beauty will match with anything.

Zeffirka Boho Backpack Crochet Pattern


This boho backpack is definitely for fans of handmade purses and bags. But for those people who are not that fond of handmade crafts, I can guarantee that this crochet backpack will definitely change their minds. 

First, because of the unlimited number of colors they can mix and match for any outfit and casual occasions. 

Second, because of the dense fabric made from the stitch pattern, they don’t have to worry about little items from their bags slipping out.

Zeffirka boho bag
Backpack Zeffirka NEW Large backpack by Olha Bilyk of I love Create Store

For Formal Events:

This boho crochet backpack goes with any outfit and is perfect for casual occasions. There are still considerations for formal events. This bag can be worn with a dress. Just pick a neutral color for your bag such as black, gray or white to make it look enticing and elegant.

For Casual Occasions:

Any color will do especially earth colors and pastel colors. It will definitely show off the sweet yet simple personality of the one holding the bag. May it be a pastel pink match with a white blouse and skinny jeans for brunch or a light brown earth toned color backpack while doing some grocery shopping. Definitely perfect!

  • 3 skeins (100 m in each one) of T-shirt yarn (7-9 mm) or 3 skeins of Maccaroni Glitter Ribbon yarn 

    Note that crocheting with T-shirt yarn will make your backpack bigger than crocheting with Ribbon yarn.
  • 150 cm thick chain with 2.6 cm * 1.5 cm width or 2 shoulder straps eco-leather or genuine leather (75 cm each)
  • strings of eco-leather or genuine leather for the backpack 

    The strings are not that necessary, because the strings can be made from the thread that will be used. 
  • a tuck lock;
  • 3 D-rings (25 mm) or 3 round snap hooks
  • a piece of cloth 60 cm * 60 cm for the lining
  • Two crochet hooks 
    • 8 mm one and 6 mm one for T-shirt yarn
    • 7 mm one and 5 mm one for a cotton cord Ribbon Glitter)
  • Scissors
  • Thread of the same color as the yarn
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Small screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Needle
  • Markers
Boho crochet backpack
Backpack Zeffirka NEW Large backpack by Olha Bilyk of I love Create Store

  • How many loops should you work on a pattern creating
  • How to crochet the basic pattern 3 DC-clusters
  • How to reduce the loops on the flap of the backpack
  • How to crochet perfect sides and sew them to the basis
  • How to make spirals
  • How to install a clasp, ends and swivel eye snap hooks
  • How to thread yarn into the chain
  • How to sew a lining with a rectangular bottom by hand and sew it to the backpack


You don’t have to be an expert in crocheting to make this trendy crochet backpack. You just have to know by heart the basic stitches and 3 DC (double crochet) clusters and you’re good to go.

If you think you’ve mastered all these basic stitch patterns then consider yourself ready for the next steps to make your very own backpack.

I can already feel your excitement in making this Zeffirka Crochet Boho Backpack Pattern. Just imagine telling others that you made that classy, trendy backpack by yourself. It’s very fulfilling to show off your work of art.

What are you waiting for? Start doing it now, it’ll only take you 1-3 days!