20 Fancy Crochet Stitches


Fancy crochet stitches are great for creating stunning projects. They add interest and beauty. If you are interested in finding new unique crochet stitches that will definitely impress your friends and family, you have come to the right place.

20 Crochet Fancy Stitches

Fancy Crochet Stitches

Below are 20 fancy crochet stitches. The crochet stitches range from beginner-friendly to advanced.

1. Cluster Stitch

Cluster Crochet Stitch

The cluster stitch is a simple and fancy crochet stitch. The stitch creates a dense fabric that is reversible. To make the stitch all you need to know is how to make single crochet and double crochet stitches.

You can find the cluster stitch in cold weather projects that need a thick fabric. Some of these projects include hats, scarves, cowls, blankets, and more.

Find the Cluster Stitch Tutorial HERE

2. Flower Crochet Lattice Stitch

Flower Crochet Lattice Stitch

The flower crochet lattice stitch is a fancy crochet stitch perfect for summer projects. This stitch creates a beautiful, lightweight, lacy fabric. The fabric is comprised of flowers and arches.

Flower crochet lattice stitches are intermediate to advanced level stitches. The stitch is not common. However, you can use the stitch to make shawls and throw blankets.

Find the Flower Crochet Stitch Tutorial HERE

3. Diamond Stitch

crochet diamond stitch

Create beautiful, raised diamond shaped patterns using this fancy crochet stitch. The diamond stitch makes a fabric with a lattice pattern on top of a base. To crochet the stitch, you will need to know how to chain, double crochet, front post treble crochet, and front post treble crochet 2 together.

The diamond stitch is a repeated stitch. It generates a continuous, flowing design. It can be used to make pillow covers, blankets, bags, hats, and more.

Find the Diamond Stitch Tutorial HERE

4. Floral Trellis Stitch

floral trellis stitch crochet tutorial

The floral trellis stitch is a repeated stitch that creates a thick fabric. The fabric has a trellis design adorned with small flowers. To make the stitch, you will need to know how to make the bobble stitch, chain stitch, and diamond stitch.

The floral stitch is an advanced crochet stitch. The fancy crochet stitch is great for making decorative throw blankets.

Find the Floral Trellis Stitch Tutorial HERE

5. Picot Fan Stitch

picot fan crochet stitch
Picot Fan Crochet Stitch by Crochet For Baby

Here is a fun and fancy crochet stitch. It creates a lovely, lacy fabric. It works up quickly and is recommended for more advanced level crocheters.

The picot fan stitch is often used to create a beautiful, finished edge. But they can also be used to make shawls, scarves, and blankets.

Find the Picot Fan Stitch Tutorial HERE

6. Diamond Lace Stitch

crochet diamond lace stitch tutorial

The diamond lace stitch is an absolutely stunning, fancy crochet stitch. The stitch creates a gorgeous airy fabric using a combination of double crochets and chain stitches. You can even replace the double crochets with single or triple crochets.

You can use any size yarn when making the diamond lace stitch. Fingering yarn is great for making table runners. Use a heavier yarn to make items such as blankets, scarves, and shawls.

Find the Diamond Lace Stitch Tutorial HERE

7. Waffle Stitch

Waffle Crochet Stitch Tutorial

As you can see, the waffle stitch creates a waffle pattern. The stitch produces repeating squares just like a waffle. The fabric created using the stitch is thick, squishy, and sturdy. You can use the waffle stitch to make blankets, washcloths, scarves, and hats.

Find the Waffle Stitch Tutorial HERE

8. Cluster Bobble Stitch

Crochet Cluster Bobble Stitch Tutorial

The cluster bobble stitch creates repeating bobbles. The fabric is warm yet lacy. The lace features forms from the arches used to hold the bobbles together. Cluster bobble stitches can be used to create items such as blankets, scarves, and shawls.

Find the Bobble Stitch Tutorial HERE

9. Petal Stitch

crochet petal stitch tutorial

This eye-catching stitch is a classic fancy crochet stitch. It is a stitch that every crocheter should learn. The beautiful stitch creates repeating flowers shaped. The petal stitch can be used for creating afghans, scarves, sweaters, and more. 

Find the Petal Stitch Tutorial HERE

10. Iris Stitch

Crochet Iris Stitch

The Iris Stitch is used to create a light and airy fabric with a beautiful drape. It is an easy stitch that can be mastered by beginners. To make the stitch you only need to know the chain stitch and double crochet stitch.

This easy stitch can be used to make blankets, hot pads, scarves, shawls, and granny squares.

Find the Iris Stitch Tutorial HERE

11. Trellis Honeycomb Stitch

Honeycomb Trellis Crochet Stitch Tutorial

This unique crochet stitch creates a fun geometric design that is reminiscent of a honeycomb. The trellis honeycomb stitch is used when making spring and fall projects. The open airy design is ideal for making blankets and shawls.

Find the Trellis Honeycomb Stitch Tutorial HERE

12. 5 Spike Crochet Star Stitch

5 Spike Crochet Star Stitch Tutorial

Sometimes called the Marguerite stitch, the 5-spike crochet star stitch is a fancy crochet stitch. It looks like a starburst. The star is created by using clusters of spikes.

The 5 spike crochet star stitch can be found in a wide variety of patterns from blankest and washcloths to hats and gloves.

Find the 5 Spike Crochet Star Stitch Tutorial HERE

13. Shell Stitch

Crochet Shell Stitch Tutorial

This versatile stitch can be used on its own or to create a decorative border.  It is a fancy crochet stitch that resembles small shells. When making large patterns, using alternating colours will really make the pattern pop.

The shell stitch is an intermediate level crochet stitch. It has a lot of texture which makes it a good choice for washcloths, blankets, and scarves.

Find the Shell Stitch Tutorial HERE

14. Box Stitch

Free Crochet Box Stitch Tutorial

The box stitch creates a repeating pattern of boxes. The stitch really stands out when you work the rows using alternating colours or gradient colours. You can find the box stitch used quite often in blanket and shawl patterns.

Find the Box Stitch Tutorial HERE

15. Basket Weave Stitch


The basket weave crochet stitch is an advanced level stitch. It is a fancy crochet stitch that creates a fabric that resembles a basket. The stitch uses a repeating pattern of front post double crochet and back post double crochet stitches.

You can find the basket weave crochet stitch used in a lot of winter projects. You can use the stitch to make scarves, hats, blankets, washcloths, and afghans.

Find the Basket Weave Stitch Tutorial HERE

16. Shamrock Stitch

Crochet Shamrock Tutorial

Using the shamrock crochet stitch, you can create a lightweight, lacy fabric. The stitch produces rows and rows of repeating shamrock shapes. Shamrock stitches are great for making scarves and shawls.

Find the Shamrock Stitch Tutorial HERE

17. Crocodile Stitch


The crocodile stitch creates an eye-catching fabric with tons of texture. It creates “scales” that look beautiful and intricate. The stitch may look intimidating but us only uses basic crochet stitches.

Since this stitch creates a fabric of scales, it is great for making fantasy themed projects. You can make items that resemble dragon scales or fish scales. You can also use the crocodile stitch to make hats, scarves, slippers, and more.

Find the Crocodile Stitch Tutorial HERE

18. Spike Stitch

Free Crochet Spike Stitch Tutorial

The spike stitch is also known as the single crochet spike stitch. It is often used to create a decorative edging. However, it can also be used in the body of a project. The spike stitch is worked just as you would a single crochet stitch. But you work into previous rows instead of the current row.

There are quite a few unique looking patterns that incorporate the spike stitch. Some of these include hats, scarves, blankets, and cowls.

Find the Spike Stitch Tutorial HERE

19. Peacock Fan Stitch

peacock fan stitch crochet tutorial
Peacock Fan Stitch Tutorial by Rich Textures Crochet

Half-circles are created when using the peacock fan stitch. Repeating the fancy crochet stitch creates a fabric that looks like the fanning tail feathers of a peacock.

The peacock dan stitch creates an open, lacy fabric. You can use the peacock fan stitch to make shawls and scarves.

Find the Peacock Fan Stitch Tutorial HERE

20. Broomstick Lace Stitch

crochet broomstick lace stitch tutorial

The broomstick lace stitch is a unique crochet stitch. The design is made by using a crochet hook and a dowel. Loops are made from left to right across the row. Then, they are looped together into clusters.

You can find the broomstick lace stitch primarily used in blankets, shawl, and scarf patterns. It is an advanced level pattern.

Find the Broomstick Lace Stitch Tutorial HERE

Learning how to crochet is so much fun. Once you have mastered the most common basic stitches, add some easy fancy crochet stitches to your repertoire.

Do you enjoy making gifts for your friends and family members? Or do you sell your goods at a local craft fair? If so, it is time to learn some new fancy crochet stitches.

Learning a new crochet stitch is always fun. We have more decorative unique crochet stitches you must try, as well! Also, check our Textured Crochet Stitches, Pretty Crochet Stitches, Unique Crochet Stitches, Tight Crochet Stitches, Open Crochet Stitches, and Advanced Crochet Stitches.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of fancy crochet stitches!


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