Amigurumi Sushi Play Foods Set Crochet Fun

Love this! Crochet pattern for how to make your own crochet sushi. Now its OK to play with your food.

Amigurumi Sushi Play Foods Set

Amigurumi Sushi Play Foods Set shows that if you set your mind to it, you can crochet pretty much anything. If they could make yarn where oil and gas wouldn’t leak out through the stitches I swear someone would crochet a car!  Here is a fun project that caught our eye – why not crochet your own sushi platter!  What a laugh. Crochet yourself a fantastic colorful platter that will look amazing. I am not to sure on the taste though.

Amigurumi Sushi Play Foods Set Patterns include:

– California Roll
– Corn Tofu Bag
– Salad Tofu Bag
– Salmon Sushi
– Prawn Sushi
– Egg Sushi
– Octopus Sushi
– Eel Sushi
– Baby Octopus Sushi
– Fish Eggs Sushi
– Big Sushi Roll
– Cucumber / Crab stick Roll

Get the sushi crochet pattern here


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