Crochet Flower Cardigan Rainbow Pattern

Crochet Flower Cardigan Rainbow Pattern


Crochet Flower Cardigan Rainbow Pattern

This crochet flower cardigan rainbow pattern is what every little girl needs. A bright crochet flower cardigan that makes her, and you, beam and smile every time she wears it.  

Now you can crochet one which is just perfect for your little flower girl.  

Use a rainbow of colors to replicate this look above, or you could try an ombre effect in varying shades of the same color for something more subtle – but where’s the fun in that!

This free girls cardigan crochet pattern is available in two sizes:

Age 3 – height 92-98 cm or 32-38 inches

Age 5 – height 110 cm or 43 inches

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Crochet Flower Cardigan Rainbow Materials:

  • 100% cotton, 5 ply Sport weight yarn
  • approx 320g for Size 3 or 370g for Size 5
  • We recommend Catania Solids available here in 64 colors
  • 3mm crochet hook

You can see other color variations for inspiration here.

Download the free cardigan crochet pattern here


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