Effortless Crochet Plaid Scarf Pattern

If you think you need advanced level stitches to create a nice looking crochet project, this crochet plaid scarf pattern will change your mind.

Because of the lovely texture they create, intermediate stitches are often used to make crochet works stand out.

But there are also endless things you can do to make a project made using simple stitches look as good or even better. 


A great example is this crochet plaid scarf pattern we will tackle in this article.

With its classy look and lovely details, we were amazed found out that it used just one stitch, the double crochet stitch.

Indeed, by using the perfect color combinations and the right amount of details, you can create good-looking crochet projects made with just the basic stitches. 

If you want to know how to work on this crochet plaid scarf pattern, continue reading this article! 

Easy to Make Beginners Crochet Plaid Scarf Pattern

Beginners crocheters who want to make handmade gifts for their friends or family will surely love this crochet plaid scarf pattern by TwoofWandsShop!

Even others can attest to how easy it is to follow this plaid scarf pattern.

Everyone started as a beginner, right? That’s why we want to encourage beginner crocheters to pursue what they started with this easy to make crochet plaid scarf pattern by TwoofWandsShop!

Crochet Plaid Scarf Pattern By TwoofWandsShop
Crochet Plaid Scarf Pattern By TwoofWandsShop

Since it uses just one stitch – the double crochet stitch – we are positive every crocheter can work on this plaid scarf crochet pattern regardless of their skill level.

In fact, even other crocheters can attest to how easy it is to make this plaid scarf. 

So if you are a beginner looking for an everyday scarf or maybe a gift to your family and friends, this would be a great option.

We are sure anyone who receives your handmade work will surely love it!

Now, are you ready to choose the yarn colors you’ll use for your crochet plaid scarf?

More About the Muted-color Re-Tweed Yarn

Do you want the same muted colors the designer used in their crochet plaid scarf pattern? You can use the Lion Brand Re-Tweed Yarn to get the exact colors!

The rustic look and the muted colors really added the charm this simple plaid scarf needs, so we really recommend using the Re-Tweed Yarn.

No matter how simple the stitches you use, this yarn can surely give your work the texture and depth it needs to stand out.

Re-Tweed Yarn By Lion Brand Yarn
Re-Tweed Yarn By Lion Brand Yarn

Made with a combination of wool, poly, and acrylic, this cotton-like yarn is durable and lightweight perfect for often used garments.

Plus, its machine washable and dryable so you can easily clean your garment, accessories, or even home decors.

We absolutely adore all the properties of this yarn, but what we love the most are the color choices.

It comes in a wide array of muted natural colors that can make any garment look lovely.

What’s even more amazing is how you can pick any color combination, and surprisingly they will work!

Crochet Plaid Scarf By TwoofWandsShop
Crochet Plaid Scarf By TwoofWandsShop

Learn How to Make this Simple Crochet Plaid Scarf Pattern

We know this crochet plaid scarf pattern is intended for beginners, but we’re sure you are up for some challenge, right?

There’s nothing to worry about though, the designer provided tutorial videos to guide you in making this plaid scarf.

Instead of just sticking to crochet, the designer tried to weave strands of yarn to add details to the seemingly plain fabric.

Just by looking at its effect on the plaid scarf, we can say that it did its part perfectly.  

Aside from the woven strands, the twisted rope fringe also adds a unique vibe to this plaid scarf.

Instead of just cutting the tail of the strands of yarn, the designer twisted to strands together to complete this plaid scarf’s look!

Video instructions on how to weave the strands and twist the rope are available on their Youtube Channel.

They also included the complete instructions on where and how to change colors to achieve the plaid look.

Skill Level



11 sts + 7 rows = 4” in double crochet

Materials Needed

4 skeins Lion Brand Re-Tweed in Elmwood 

2 skeins Lion Brand Re-Tweed in Grapefruit

1 skein Lion Brand Re-Tweed in Hay

1 skein Lion Brand Re-Tweed in Vineyard Wine

Size US J/10 (6mm) crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Finished size

Width: 18”

Length: 70”

Stitches Used

Foundation row

Double Crochet Stitch – Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial + Written & Video

Double Crochet Stitch Scarf By TwoofWandsShop
Double Crochet Stitch Scarf By TwoofWandsShop

Inspire Others to Crochet this Effortless Crochet Plaid scarf Pattern!

Did this crochet plaid scarf pattern inspire you to make more crochet projects? We sure hope it did!

Inspire others by posting your own works on our Facebook Page! We can’t wait to see what colors you used in making the plaid scarf.

If you want to make more scarf for yourself or for your friends, check out our list of 37 Crochet Scarf Patterns, 37 Infinity Crochet Scarf Patterns, and 20 Unique Scarf Patterns

We hope you enjoyed working on this crochet plaid scarf pattern, and we can’t wait to make more articles that will inspire others to try crocheting!


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