Crochet Off The Shoulder Top Pattern

Crochet Off Shoulder Top Pattern

Crochet Off The Shoulder Top Pattern

The crochet off the shoulder top pattern is a sexy piece, dare I say that will turn heads everywhere you go. If you thought crocheting was boring, then this pattern will change those views in an instant!

If you were looking to do something a little raunchy then here is your pick. The crochet off shoulder top pattern will bring the sexy woman out of you. I purely stumbled on this pattern on, and I had to try it. I did, and I’ve been breaking necks with it.

Other women stop me and ask where I got it and they can’t believe their ears when I tell them I made it myself.

So what materials do you need to have you strutting your stuff out there?

Off Shoulder Top Materials

  • 5mm hook
  • 100g 4ply cotton yarn – Based on size S, more yarn will be needed for the sizes up

The off shoulder top crochet pattern is not a hard one to learn. There are extensive documentation and tutorials with step by step guide to have you a pro by the end of the day.

You can also play with the colors making a crochet top for each occasion and every season. Do not limit yourself, you can try different thickness yarn to create a heavier or lighter crochet top.

Incorporate other design patterns and give the crochet off shoulder top pattern your own flavor. Get as spicy as you want your tops to be. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to this pattern. It’s a hot pattern so don’t hold yourself back.

Crochet Off Shoulder Top Pattern

Share The Crochet Love

Don’t keep this off shoulder crochet top all to yourself; you can make one for your sister or teenage daughter as a gift.

The crochet off shoulder top pattern comes in various sizes from extra small, small, medium to large. So your girls don’t have to miss out on your find.

Gets your whole team looking fabulous with this pattern. Make each one unique; you can even combine colors to get a different result. The crochet off shoulder top pattern is the perfect attire for a sunny day out at the beach or for a cool relaxing day shopping.

You can even dress up in one for that date with your man. I promise you his eyes will be riveted on you. With every stitch hugging you just right, he wouldn’t dare to look away.

Crochet Off Shoulder Top Pattern

Get Started On The Crochet Off Shoulder Top Pattern

The off shoulder crochet top pattern is an essential for the modern woman. In the afternoon it lets you whip up a stunning outfit that will draw everyone’s attention.

It is versatile and completes any outfit perfectly. You can also add your touch to the top by customizing it to suit just you. Adding some gemstones certainly gives the off shoulder top pattern a shiny twist.

Give the tops out as gifts to your girlfriends and have them love you for it. The crochet off the shoulder top pattern is undoubtedly one that your better half will absolutely love.

Sexy Off Shoulder Crochet Top Pattern

Get The Off Shoulder Top Pattern Here

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