Summer Crochet Bag Free Pattern

Summer Crochet Bag Free Pattern


Summer Crochet Bag Pattern

Summertime! Can you feel the warmth of the sun on your face? The bright colours of summer in all their glory just spreading all their radiance. Glorious isn’t it? I’ll tell you what couples perfectly with summer, a summer crochet bag.

The summer crochet bag would be a fun way to usher in summer. Something tells me you’re going to love this crochet pattern. The summer crochet bag is done in two shades of worsted weight yarn and it looks amazing. What do you need to take on this project?


Summer Crochet Bag Materials

  • 6x 50 g (98 yd / 90 m) balls Schachenmayr Journey color #00070 Emerald (A)
  • 4x 50 g (98 yd / 90 m) balls Schachenmayr Journey color #00090 Silver (B)
  • Size K/10½ [7 mm] crochet hook
  • Yarn needle



14 sc x 18 rows = 4″ x 4″ [10 x 10 cm]


Finished Summer Bag Measurements

approx. 14½” wide x 12½” tall x 6″ deep [37 x 32 x 15 cm] (excluding straps)


summer crochet bag pattern


An Ideal Size For Your “Everyday Bag”

This chic and roomy bag will comfortably hold all your belongings with ease. The outside pockets should provide easy access to essentials such as your keys and cell phone amongst other items.

The summer crochet bag will look equally as good at the beach or while you’re rocking it in the city. What I love most about this bag is the interesting design of the straps on it.


Schachenmayr Journey Yarn

I’m pretty sure you haven’t tried the Schachenmayr Journey yarn before and I think you’re going to really like it. The Schachenmayr Journey yarn is a space-dyed tape yarn that comes in 15 different shades.

This type of space-dyed tape yarn is brilliant for summer crochet projects involving such items as garments, bags, purses and others. What you’re going to like most about the Schachenmayr Journey yarn is that it is machine washable. Now when was the last time you came across those two words while crocheting?


A Crochet Project For The Advanced

Back to the summer crochet bag, I am absolutely convinced that this will be the highlight of your summer. It doesn’t only look great on you, it feels good to carry around and the fact that you can fit most of your personal effects in there just makes it even better.

You have to try this crochet pattern. There are a few things you could consider doing with this project. If you like, you could crochet one of these sweet bags and gift them to a friend.

It would be mean of me to state that the pattern is exclusively for those with an advanced understanding of the crocheting arts. Well, it is, but beginners are welcome to try.


Detailed Instructions And Diagrams

There are plenty of resources on the web with detailed instructions and diagrams on how to properly execute this crochet pattern. With some persistence and a bit of concentration, you can be well on your way to making one of the summer crochet bags your own.


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