Tiny Halloween Monsters Crochet Pattern

Are you thinking of adding a little twist to the usual scary Halloween decorations you do every year?

Why not add something cute? We have these adorable little monster crochet patterns perfect for your upgraded theme!

If you’re worried you cannot reuse your old decorations because it won’t fit your theme, do not worry. With just a few tweaks and tiny cute monsters, you’ll be trick or treat ready!

Itching to learn how to make these tiny halloween monsters? Find out how to make these tiny creatures by continuing to read through this article.

Tiny Halloween Monsters Crochet Pattern

Adorably Tiny Halloween Monster Crochet Pattern

If you’re thinking that you’re betraying Halloween because of your cute decorations, you have to relax! Halloween doesn’t have to always be scary.

Just take Mohustore as a great example. They made these tiny creatures that are so adorable yet still fit the Halloween theme!

Use your crocheting skills to add something new to your decoration. Specifically, make a few of these incredibly charming monsters!

Aside from using as decoration, you can also give them to trick or treaters along with the usual candies and chocolates. Hang them on your door so they can just pick whatever they want. For sure, even the grown ups cannot resist the cuteness of these tiny monsters!

About the Yarn

Looking for the yarn to be used on this project is easy! This pattern needs small amounts of medium worsted weight yarn in different colors! A project perfect if you want to use some of your scrap yarns from your other projects.

Worsted weight yarns are not hard to find since they are the most popular yarns to use in crocheting and knitting. Although, you have to choose the brand that offers the most colors since you’ll be using a lot of different colors in this project. 

To help you choose what yarn to buy, first check the pattern and list the colors that are used. You don’t have to follow the colors religiously, get creative and mix and match different colors! After listing the colors, check out which brand has the colors you just listed, then buy them.

Tiny Halloween Crochet Pattern Amigurumi
Tiny Halloween Crochet Pattern Amigurumi By Mohustore

About the Pattern

Would you believe these adorable monsters are beginner friendly? They might seem daunting, but this pattern is actually easy to make. 

In buying this pattern, you can make 6 different halloween monsters: a ghost, jack o’ lantern pumpkin, skeleton, vampire, witch, and a zombie. 

A written crochet pattern will be provided, with step-by-step photos and instructions on how to assemble the creatures. A lot of details will be provided, plus you can use the step-by-step photos to check if you’re on the right track. They also included versions with fewer photos so you can easily print the pattern.

We mentioned this pattern is for beginners right? If you’ve been worried because you’re not sure you have adequate skills to finish these tiny monsters, it’s time to forget about those worrying thoughts! 

Aside from the details instruction this pattern provides, it also has a beginner’s crochet guide! Refresh your knowledge on the basic crochet techniques in making amigurumi. If you haven’t tried making one yet, this guide will surely come in handy!

Are you ready to make the most adorable twist of your Halloween this year?

Skill Level

Mostly for beginners

Materials Needed

medium (worsted) weight yarn – small amount for each project

3.5 mm (E) crochet hook

toy stuffing

yarn needle

sewing needle

craft felt

sewing thread

6 mm black beads for eyes

Finished size

2 inches tall

Tiny Halloween Crochet Pattern Vampire
Tiny Halloween Crochet Pattern Vampire By Mohustore

With these cute little monsters, your house will be this year’s favorite and will be the talk of the town all year round! Who will ever forget the house that gave away little monsters on that trick or treat night, right?

Prepare for Halloween by making this Little Halloween Monsters Crochet Pattern!

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Add a twist to your Halloween that your neighbors and friends will truly enjoy! Start working on this Halloween Monsters Crochet Pattern!