Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern For The Perfect Fall Outfit

 Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern

Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern

You have on your best Sunday clothes, shoes and earrings match and you smell like blooming roses but there is still something missing. Something that will bring you whole ensemble together for the perfect day out and the Sunday Shawl Crochet pattern is just the thing.

Created by the crochet shawl pattern the Sunday Shawl is just the right piece to finish up that outfit for the perfect day out. Its light enough for a sunny day and yet heavy enough to keep you warm when the breeze starts blowing.

Like something out of a classic 80’s movie the shawl has been around for a while and has never gone out of fashion. So what exactly do you need for the creation of such a beautiful work of art?

Sunday Shawl Materials

  1. 5 mm crochet hook (US H)
  2. DK yarn / 8 ply / 11 WPI:
  • 4 x 50g skein (135 m/148 yds) MAIN COLOUR
  • 6 x 50g skein (135 m/148 yds) ACCENT COLOURS
  1. Yarn needle
  2. Scissors

Time needed: 10-15 hours


How To Wear The Sunday Shawl

The Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It can literally be worn with anything and at any time. It can add a little bit of warmth to that cocktail dress you have and since it is easy to put on it is just as easy to take off when you want to hit the dance floor.

You could wear it on Sunday to church just to add your own taste to your outfit or present it as a gift to any special woman in your life and they will love it.

You just can’t go wrong with a shawl; I don’t think it’s scientifically possible, whether just as a gift or for your own personal collection. A stunning crochet shawl is just the piece to have this season.


Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern


Working With The Sunday Shawl Crochet pattern

The Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern is very easy to learn how to make and doesn’t require you to have any special knowledge in crocheting. The pattern has a very detailed tutorial that will have you crocheting away at your dream shawl in a day.

Though it still requires some dexterity and nimbleness of the fingers it is a fun crocheting pattern that you can easily be obsessed with. It won’t be funny to find yourself thinking maybe your cat needs a shawl or two. But for the moment, let us keep them human sized.

The best part of the Sunday shawl crochet pattern is that you are not limited in what you can create, especially, in terms of colors. You can either do a mono colored shawl or a multi colored one, either way it will look stunning.

I recommend however, using lots of color. You can create your own signature pieces with the different colors. Step out in a fun hippie type shawl and you are bound to turn heads.

You will be nice and warm under their cold jealous stares. Don’t be surprised when they start asking you where you got the beautiful shawl.

Another aspect you can play with is the length of the shawl. You can do knee length shawls for cold nights out or short waist length shawls for sunny days. If going for a night out I recommend a mono colored shawl preferably in dark colors like grey or navy blue.

You can also make the shawl form fitting just to give it that air of sophistication and also it makes you look pretty good.


Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern


Get The Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern Below

To taper off, the crochet shawl is a perfect addition to a girl’s wardrobe.  It goes absolutely well with everything from a spacey shawl to wear over a bikini or a long dark shawl to wear over a formal dress, either way it serves a utility by keeping you warm and it damn well looks good.

Try the Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern today and create something just for you. And remember you can add all the colors you want to give it that signature feel. You can’t afford to not look amazing in a shawl you just made.


Sunday Shawl Crochet Pattern


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