Yarn Weights Comparison Chart

If you are new to crochet or knitting, you may be wondering what yarn weight is. You may not think it is important. However, the yarn weight will determine what type of project you can create and what size crochet hooks or knitting needles to use.

As you continue to read on, you will learn about the seven different yarn weights. We have also included a handy yarn weights comparison chart for quick reference.


What is Yarn Weight?

The term yarn weight is confusing. It does not refer to the weight of the yarn. Instead, it indicates the thickness.

Yarn weights measure from 0 lace weight to 7 jumbo. The yarn weight is often designated on the side of the packaging.

You are probably wondering why yarn weight matters. For example, if you are crocheting a dainty lace project, you do not want a jumbo yarn.

The yarn is too thick and will not produce a delicate pattern. On the other hand, if you are crocheting a thick warm blanket, you do not want to use a thin lace weight yarn.

Lace weight yarn is very thin and will not provide the thickness and warmth you are trying to achieve.

yarn weights comparison chart

Yarn Weight Categories

Below are the 7 categories of yarn weight. We have described each, so you will have a better understanding of what each type is for.

After you have a good understanding of each size, you can use our yarn weights comparison chart for quick references.

Yarn Weight 0

Yarn weight 0 is also referred to as lace weight yarn. It is very thin. 0 weight yarn is often used for fine items such as doilies and lace.

Check out our Crochet Doilies patterns here.

Yarn Weight 1

Crochet Baby Socks using Yarn Weight 1
Crochet Baby Socks using Yarn Weight 1

Yarn weight 1 is also referred to as super fine yarn, sock yarn, baby yarn, and fingering weight yarn. It is comparable to yarn weight 0. It can often be substituted in its place.

If you do substitute 1 for 0, make sure to use the correct size hook/needles. It is often used for fine items such as baby clothes and socks.

Yarn Weight 2

Yarn weight 2 is also referred to as sport weight yarn. It is a nice size weight yarn for making socks and baby clothes that are a little thicker than lace.

Yarn Weight 3

Milan Baby Romper Crochet Pattern using Yarn Weight 3
Milan Baby Romper Crochet Pattern using Yarn Weight 3

Yarn weight 3 is also referred to as Light Worsted and DK yarn. DK means double knit. It is a very versatile type of yarn you will find used in a lot of lightweight projects.

It is not a thick yarn, so you will not want it for cold weather projects.

Yarn Weight 4

Yarn weight 4 is also referred to as worsted, Aran, and afghan yarn. It is a medium sized yarn that is often used when making winter projects such as scarves, mittens, hats, and sweaters.

Yarn Weight 5

Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern using Yarn Weight 5
Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern using Yarn Weight 5

Yarn weight 5 is also referred to as chunky, bulky weight, rug, and craft yarn. It is a bulky yarn that works up quickly. It is often used to make chunky blankets and scarves.

Yarn Weight 6

Yarn weight 6 is also referred to as super bulky and roving weight. This yarn is used to create super warm and thick projects. One of our favorite super bulky yarn is this Merino Wool Yarn.

Yarn Weight 7

Yarn weight 7 is also referred to as jumbo and roving weight. You will often find this yarn used in arm knitting projects. This Lion Brand Yarn is perfect for these Chunky Knit Blankets.

Yarn Weight Chart

Below, is our handy yarn weights comparison chart. This chart includes standard US weight, UK and Australian terms, yarn type, knitting needle sizes, and crochet hook sizes.

US WeightUKAustraliaYarn TypeKnitting Needle SizeCrochet Hook Size
#01 ply2 plyLace WeightUS 000-11.5-2.25 mm6-8 steel or B-11.5-1.8 mm steel or 2.25
#12 ply3 plyBaby Yarn, Fingering, Weight Sock Yarn, Super FineUS 1-32.25-3.25 mmUS B-1 to E-42.25-3.5 mm
#23 ply (fine/baby)4 ply (sport)3 ply (fine baby)5 ply (sport)Sport WeightUS 3-53.25-3.75 mmUS E-4 to 73.5-4.5 mm
#3DK8 plyDK, Light WorstedUS 5-73.75-4.5 mmUS 7 to I-94.5-5.5 mm
#4Aran10 plyAfghan, Aran, WorstedUS 7-94.5-5.5 mmUS I-9 to K-10.55.5-6.5 mm
#5Chunky12 plyBulky Weight Chunky Craft Yarn RugUS 9-115.5-8 mmUS K-10.5 to M-136.5-9 mm
#6Super Chunky14 plyRoving Weight Super BulkyUS 11-178-12.75 mmUS M-13 to Q9-15 mm 
#7N/An/aJumbo Roving WeightUS 17-5012.75 mm +US Q and larger15 mm +


We hope that our article has given you a better understanding of the different types of yarns. Please note, that the yarn weights comparison chart is a guideline only.

The information on the yarn weights comparison chart uses the most commonly used knitting needles and crochet hook sizes.

Interested to learn more? Check out our guide for Crochet Hook Sizes and Crochet Thread Sizes. You can also check this Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart.


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