A Guide to Crochet Thread Sizes | Written

If you are a crocheter looking to try something new, why not give thread crocheting a try? There are common misunderstandings about thread crochet that might make you hesitant. But these beliefs are not true. Thread crochet is an enjoyable and straightforward craft, that is fun to do.

Our Crochet Thread Sizes Guide offers a comprehensive overview of working with crochet thread. I have included everything from dispelling myths to getting started and a guide to thread sizes.

A Guide to Crochet Thread Sizes | Written

What is Thread Crocheting?

Thread crochet is much like yarn crochet. However, there are some small differences that may be confusing at first. The main thing to realize when learning thread crochet is understanding the thread size and hook size. Once you have that down, the rest will become clearer.

A Guide to Crochet Thread Sizes | Written
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What Can I Make with Crochet Thread?

You can create a wide range of items, beyond just doilies. Some examples are:

thread crochet pattern guide

Dispelling Misconceptions About Thread Crochet

  • Thread crocheting is limited to doilies.

Thread crochet is incredibly versatile. You can make anything from small decorative mats to elaborate wedding gowns.

  • Crocheting with thread is hard.

The crochet technique remains the same whether you are using yarn or thread. The only variation is that the thread is thinner, and it requires a smaller hook size. With a bit of practice, you will quickly adapt.

  • Thread crocheting is difficult to learn.

This is a common misconception. Crocheting with thread is just as straightforward as working with yarn. When you complete a stitch and move on to the next.

  • Blocking is always required.

Blocking can be crucial for some projects. However, not all crochet thread projects require blocking.

  • You will experience hand fatigue using crochet thread.

Just as with any crochet technique, you can experience hand fatigue. However, using an ergonomic hook, stretching, and taking breaks can minimize the pain.

A Guide to Crochet Thread Sizes

Crochet Thread Sizes
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Different types of thread and yarn are labelled with numbers. These numbers indicate their thickness. For yarn, higher numbers mean thicker yarn. For example, a Bulky Weight yarn with a number 5 is thicker than a DK weight yarn with a number 3.

This numbering system is straightforward for yarn. However, when it comes to thread sizes, the opposite is true.

For thread sizes, higher thread numbers mean thinner threads. It might seem illogical, but that is how they do it. For example, a size 3 thread is thicker than a size 30 thread. As the thread number increases, the thickness decreases. If you are used to working with yarn, this might be a bit confusing at first.

Crochet Thread Sizes

Crochet thread is available in various sizes. This can be confusing when acquiring vintage or internationally sourced thread. However, there are established standard sizes for thread crochet.

Below is a breakdown of the most common crochet thread sizes:

Crochet Thread Size 3

Size 3 is one of the chunkier thread sizes. It is perfect for crafting home decor pieces such as wall hangings, rugs, and baskets. It can also be used when making larger projects such as throws and afghans.

Crochet Thread Size 5

Size 5 thread is chunky, but not as thick as size 3. It can be used for making home decor items such as intricate doilies and elegant table runners.

Crochet Thread Size 8

Size 8 thread is a mid-weight thread. It is a very versatile choice. You can use it when creating a wide range of projects from home decor items to clothing.

Crochet Thread Size 10

Size 10 is the most popular crochet tread size. It is favoured for its versatility. You can use this thread for creating everything from delicate doilies and shawls to jewellery.

Crochet Thread Size 20

This thinner thread is great for creating delicate projects like doilies and lacework.

Crochet Thread Size 30

Size 30 is a finer thread, perfect for intricate lacework and delicate doilies.

Crochet Thread Size 40

Size 40 is an incredibly fine thread. This makes it ideal for crafting intricate lacework and delicate doilies.

Crochet Thread Size 50

Size 50 thread is even thinner than size 40. It is perfect for crafting the finest lacework and intricate thread crochet projects.

Crochet Thread Size 60

Size 60 is an extremely thin thread size. It is used for creating the most delicate lacework and intricate thread projects.

Check out the chart below for crochet thread sizes:

Crochet Thread Size Chart

How to Choose the Right Crochet Hook

Most crocheters prefer using a steel crochet hook when working with thread crochet. These hooks are also referred to as thread hooks. However, if you are using one of the thicker threads, you might prefer an aluminum or standard crochet hook you commonly use with yarn.

Steel crochet hooks are numbered. The higher the number, the smaller the hook. It is the opposite of yarn hook lettering. In thread hooks, an 8 is larger than a 9, not smaller. Although this may seem confusing at first, most steel crochet hooks also have mm size markings that clarify their size.

Now that you know how the hooks are marked, here is a handy chart, so you can find the right hook for your thread. It is important to note that when you are following a pattern, start with the designer’s recommended hook size. Then modify the size, if needed, to get the correct gauge.

Tips for Working with Thread Crochet

Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with thread crochet:

  • Good Lighting

Thread crochet projects can be very intricate. So, it is important to ensure you have proper lighting or use a crafting light to see each stitch clearly.

  • Hook Size

Use the appropriate-sized crochet hook for the thread weight you are working with

  • Practice Your Tension

Before starting your project, practice your tension. Maintaining consistent tension is crucial for even stitches.

  • Do Not Be in a Hurry

Thread crochet requires patience. Take your time and work at a comfortable pace to achieve neat and precise stitches.

  • Keep Your Stitches Loose

Do not over-tighten your stitches. Having a looser tension makes it easier to work with thread crochet.

  • Practice

Do not start with large, intricate projects. Start with simple projects to get used to working with the thin thread. Then, gradually move on to more intricate designs as you gain confidence.

  • Check Your Gauge

If the pattern you are working on specifies a gauge, it matters. Create a gauge swatch before working on the project.

  • Take Breaks

Thread crocheting can strain your eyes and hands. Take regular breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your hands.

  • Blocking

Some projects look a lot better after they have been blocked. If your project requires blocking, do not skip this step.

crochet thread sizes guide
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Frequently Asked Questions about Crochet Thread

What is crochet thread?

Crochet thread is a thin and lightweight yarn-like material. It is specifically designed for creating delicate and intricate crochet projects. Thread crocheting is often used for crafting projects that have fine details, such as doilies, lacework, and other decorative items.

Is crochet thread the same as yarn?

No, crochet thread is not the same as yarn. While both are used for crocheting, they are different. Crochet thread is much thinner and finer than yarn.

Is crochet thread used for doilies only?

No, it is not only for making doilies. While it is commonly used for doilies, thread crochet can be used to create a wide variety of projects. These include items such as table runners, bedspreads, curtains, shawls, and lacework.

How can I avoid hand strain while working with thread crochet?

There are several things you can do to help prevent hand strain while working with crochet thread. Hold the crochet hook comfortably, take regular breaks, and do gentle hand stretches.

How do I choose the right hook for crochet thread?

When choosing a hook for thread crochet, match higher hook numbers with thinner thread sizes.

Now you’re familiar with crochet thread sizes, start making crochet thread projects!

When you’re done, share your makes on our Facebook Page. We’d love to see those creations! For more crochet projects, check articles below:

Understanding the different crochet thread sizes is essential for achieving your desired outcome. From creating delicate lacework to crafting home decor items, knowing which crochet thread sizes and hooks to use is very important.


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