Crochet Hook Sizes | Written Guide

Are you frustrated because your crochet projects are not turning out like how they are supposed to be? You followed the patterns, you have the same exact yarns, but why do they look so different?

Well, you might have been using the wrong crochet hook sizes

Crochet Needle Sizes | Written Guide

Yes, even something you think is minor like the size of your crochet hook can mess up with your final output. So to find out more about the size of the crochet hook you should be using for your project, continue reading this article.

Crochet Needle Sizes

Just like the size of the yarn you’re using for your project, the crochet needle size also has a great effect on how your project will look.

Using a smaller hook than the recommended size can result in a stiffer and denser fabric. On the other hand, if you use a larger hook, you’ll probably end up with more loose and lacey fabric. 

In general, smaller yarns use smaller crochet needle sizes. The best example of this kind of yarn is the crochet thread which is used in making doilies and micro patterns.

To achieve the desired look, small steel crochet hooks are used when crocheting using this kind of yarn. On the contrary, bulkier yarns use larger hooks.

How to Check the Size of a Crochet Hook

A crochet hook is measured by the diameter of its hook. Sizes can range from really tiny ones that are used for thread yarns, up to large ones that are used for bulkier yarns. 

In some hooks, you can easily find its crochet needle size. Steel hooks usually have their size embossed in the middle of the hook or in the grip. Wooden hooks, on the other hand, have their size engraved in the grip of the handle.

crochet hook sizes

Standard Crochet Needle Size

Choosing the right crochet hook to use can be confusing, especially when you’re trying to look for the size you need for a pattern! Have you ever wondered why there are some hook sizes in letters while some are in numbers?

The size of a crochet hook varies depending on the material used, the style of the hook, and the manufacturer of the hook. Each manufacturer can have different standards, which just adds in the confusion. 

In addition to that, different locations also have different hook sizing methods. Some areas use letters in the crochet needle size. Other areas prefer to use an easier to understand method, using millimeters. 

To help you understand the different hook sizing, we included an easy-to-understand conversion chart that you can refer to when you’re figuring out what hook to use! 

Complete Crochet Hook Sizes

Metric (mm)US SteelUS SizesUK SteelUK Sizes
0.6 mm
0.75 mm14
0.85 mm137
1.00 mm126 1/2
1.1 mm116
1.25 mm
1.3 mm105 1/2
1.4 mm95
1.5 mm84 1/2
1.65 mm74
1.75 mm
1.8 mm63 1/2
1.9 mm53
2 mm42 1/214
2.1 mm32
2.25 mm2B-11 1/213
2.5 mm
2.75 mm1C-2112
3 mm11
3.25 mm0D-3010
3.5 mm00E-4
3.75 mmF-59
4 mmG-68
4.25 mm
4.5 mm77
5 mmH-86
5.5 mmI-95
6 mmJ-104
6.5 mmK-10.53
7 mm2
7.5 mm
8 mmL-110
9 mmM/N-1300
10 mmN/P-15000
12 mmO
15 mmP/Q
16 mmQ
19 mmS
25 mmU
35 mmY

To further understand how crochet needle sizing works, we’ll look deeper into the four most common standards used in crochet needle sizes. 

Metric Crochet Hook Sizes

This is probably the easiest crochet needle size method to understand. It’s basically the measurement of the diameter of the hook in millimeters.

If you have worked on crochet thread, you probably used a Pony steel hook that uses the metric sizing. The size of this hook ranges from 2mm to .75mm. 

US Crochet Hook Sizes

In the US, there are two methods used to determine the crochet needle size. A hook can have both letter size and a number size.

For example, a size B hook is just the same as a size 1 hook. A size C hook is equal to a size 2 hook. 

American Numbered crochet hook size ranges from 1 up to 15. On the other hand, The American Letter crochet hook size ranges from B to Y. Bulkier yarns like the one used in this Crochet Bean Bag requires the use of the Y hook.

UK Crochet Hook Sizes

The UK crochet needle size ranges from 14 to 000, with 14 as the smallest and 000 as the biggest. Canada also uses the same sizing method. 

Based on the conversion table, the smallest size is equivalent to a 2mm hook and the biggest size is just the same as a 10 mm hook. 

Steel Crochet Hook Sizes

Unlike regular hooks, the sizing in Steel Crochet hooks is in reverse. Higher number hooks are actually smaller in size.

The smallest size in US Steel hooks is 14 or .75mm, the biggest, on the other hand, is 00 which is 3.5mm. UK Steel hook sizes range from 7 (.85mm) to 0 (3.25mm). 

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What are the Different Crochet Hook Sizes and What are They Used For?

Crochet hooks come in a wide range of sizes; each is designed for a specific purpose. Understanding the different sizes of crochet hooks can help you pick the right hook for your project. Whether you are making a delicate doily or a chunky blanket, using the correct size crochet hook is vital.

The different crochet hook sizes are used for different purposes based on the yarn weight and texture. The hook size also affects the outcome of the finished project. Below are some general guidelines for what the different crochet hook sizes are used for. The hook size you choose will depend on the stitch pattern and gauge of your project.

  • Small crochet hooks (size 00 mm -1.75 mm) are used for crocheting delicate items with fine thread or lace-weight yarns. They can add an intricate touch to your project and make it stand out. Some of the projects that can be made using small crochet hooks include delicate doilies, intricate lacework, and fine thread projects.
  • Medium crochet hooks (size 2.00 mm – 4.50 mm) are the most commonly used hooks. They are a great choice for both beginners and experienced crocheters. Medium crochet hook sizes are used for projects made with medium-weight yarns. Some popular projects made using medium crochet hooks include hats, scarves, and afghans.
  • Large crochet hooks (size 5.00 mm – 8.00 mm) are used for crocheting projects made with bulky or chunky weight yarns. The large yarn can add depth and dimension to your projects. Projects made with bulky and chunky weight yarns using large crochet hooks are ideal for creating warm and cosy items. Some common projects include sweaters, blankets, shawls, scarves, etc.
  • Extra-large crochet hooks (size 9.00 mm and up) are used for crocheting with super bulky weight yarns or creating open, lacy projects. They are ideal for those wanting to complete a project quickly. Since the stitches are larger, fewer stitches are required. Some examples of projects made with extra-large crochet hooks include oversized blankets, shawls, and wraps.

Best Hook Size to Use For Beginners

If you’re just starting to learn how to crochet, it is best if you start with medium-sized hooks. Practice patterns usually require worsted weight yarns so this type of hooks will work. Plus it’s easier to see each of the stitches you’re making when you use medium-sized crochet needles. 

Crochet Hook Sizes Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there Different Crochet Hook Sizes?

Crochet hook sizes vary to accommodate different thicknesses of yarn and thread. Using the right size crochet hook will help ensure the stitches you create are the correct size.

It is important to use the recommended hook size to get the desired gauge and finished product. Using a hook that is too small or too large can result in a fabric that is too stiff or too loose.

What do the numbers on crochet hooks mean?

The numbers on crochet hooks signify the size of the hook. Larger numbers indicate larger hooks, while smaller numbers are smaller hooks. These numbers can vary slightly depending on the country of origin.

Additionally, some hooks may be labelled with both a letter and a number to indicate their size.

How do I choose the right crochet hook size for my yarn?

When choosing the right crochet hook size, you should consult the yarn label or a yarn weight chart. The label will often suggest a recommended hook size. You can also check a yarn weight chart. This chart will provide a range of suggested hook sizes for different yarn weights.

Additionally, you want to check to see what hook size the pattern you are working on recommends. You can experiment with different crochet hook sizes until you find the one that produces your desired outcome.

Can I use a smaller or larger crochet hook size than recommended for my yarn?

It is possible to use a smaller or larger crochet hook size than recommended for your yarn. However, this will affect the appearance, texture, and drape of your finished project.

If you use a smaller hook than recommended for your yarn, your stitches will be tighter, resulting in a denser fabric. On the other hand, using a larger hook, the stitches will be looser, resulting in an open fabric with more drape.

What is the smallest crochet hook size?

The smallest crochet hook size available varies by manufacturer. Typically, the smallest size is around 0.4 mm or 0.5 mm. The small crochet hook sizes are commonly used to create delicate and intricate stitches.

They are also used for lacework, filet crochet, and for creating details on small amigurumi toys. Small crochet hooks can be more challenging to work with than larger hooks.

What is the largest crochet hook size?

The largest crochet hook size available varies by manufacturer. Typically, the largest crochet hook size is around 25 mm or 30 mm. These jumbo-sized crochet hooks are often used when creating large scale projects made with bulky or super bulky weight yarns.

The crochet hooks produce large stitches needed to create open and loose fabric. Using large crochet hooks can be challenging since they require a lot of arm and wrist movement to manipulate the hook and yarn.

Are crochet hook sizes the same around the world?

Crochet hook sizes are not the same around the world. Different countries use different sizing systems. In the United States, crochet hooks are typically labelled with a letter size.

In the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, crochet hooks are labelled with a metric size. It is also important to note that there can even be variations in crochet hook sizes between manufacturers.

This is because there is no standardised crochet hook sizing system. Each manufacturer can have their own unique sizing chart.

How can I determine the size of an unmarked crochet hook?

If you have an unmarked crochet hook, the best way to determine the size is to use a hook gauge. A hook gauge is a small tool with various size holes. Simply insert the hook into the holes until you find one that matches the diameter of the shaft.

If you do not have a hook gauge, compare the hook to marked hooks and choose the one that looks closest in size.

Now you know the correct crochet needle size for your future projects

We hope you’re able to learn and understand more about crochet needle sizes! If you’re looking to learn more about crocheting, we have a few step by step crochet stitch tutorials here for you to learn.

Interested to learn more about the crochet thread sizes where you can use your steel hooks? Check out this crochet thread sizes guide. You can also check Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart and yarn weights comparison chart. If you are wanting to improve your skills and try new patterns, try crochet subscription boxes

As always, we look forward to knowing about what you’re currently working on! Feel free to share them on our Facebook Page and while you’re at it, learn more about what others are currently making.

Through this article, we hope you’re able to fully understand the different crochet hook sizes


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