7 Different Yarn Weights

Are you new to crocheting? If so, you are probably wondering what yarn weight means. Yarn weight is important. The weight will affect the type of project you can make. The weight of the yarn also determines the size of the crochet hook you need.

Different Yarn Weights

If you are ready to dive into all things about yarn weight, continue reading. Below, I will teach you about the seven different yarn weights and what each is used for. We have also included a handy weights comparison chart for quick reference.

What is Yarn Weight?

Different Yarn Weights

When I started crocheting, the term yarn weight was confusing. You would think that yarn weight refers to the actual weight of the yarn. But it does not. Instead, the weight indicates the thickness of the yarn.

If you have been shopping for yarn, you have seen a number on the packaging. This number is the yarn weight. You will find yarn weight that varies from 0 lace weight to 7 jumbo.

Why is Yarn Weight Important?

So, why is yarn weight important? Weight refers to the thickness of the yarn. When making a lace project, you do not want super bulky yarn. On the other hand, you cannot make warm thick blankets with thin lace weight yarn.

Standard Yarn Weight Categories

Yarn Weights

Below, you will find the 7 main yarn weight categories. I have broken down each category, so you can have a better understanding of each type of yarn. Once you have a general understanding of each yarn weight category, take a look at the yarn weight comparison chart.

Yarn Weight 0 / Lace Weight Yarn

Yarn weight 0 is a very fine yarn. You will also see it referred to as lace weight yarn. This type of yarn is frequently used for making items such as lace, doilies, lightweight shawls, and more.

Yarn Weight 1 / Super Fine Yarn

Yarn weight 1 is comparable to lace weight yarn. It can be used in place of it. Just remember to use the correct size crochet hook if you do. It is also referred to as super fine yarn, sock yarn, baby yarn, and fingering weight yarn. Super fine yarn is regularly used for making baby clothes, socks, lightweight shawls and scarves, and more.

Learn everything about fingering weight yarns here.

Yarn Weight 2 / Sport Weight Yarn

Yarn weight 2 yarn is a little thicker than lace weight yarn. You will regularly see it referred to as sport weight yarn. It is a wonderful size yarn for crocheting socks and baby clothes for summer wear, lap blankets, pillows, bags, and more.

Yarn Weight 3 / Light Worsted

Yarn weight 3 is a very versatile yarn. It is also referred to as Light Worsted and DK yarn. DK stands for double knit. Yarn weight 3 is used in a lot of lightweight projects such as sweaters, baby afghans, shawls, pillow covers, and more.

Yarn Weight 4 / Worsted

Yarn weight 4 is a medium sized yarn. It is also known as worsted, Aran, and afghan yarn. It is often used for cold weather projects such as scarves, mittens, hats, and sweaters. You will also see it recommended for coasters, amigurumi, handbags, sweaters, etc.

Learn everything about worsted weight yarns here.

Yarn Weight 5 / Bulky Yarn

Yarn weight 5 is a thick yarn that works up quickly. It is also referred to as chunky, bulky weight, rug, and craft yarn. It is commonly used to make chunky blankets, scarves, sweaters, hats, scarves, and more.

Yarn Weight 6 / Super Bulky Yarn

Yarn weight 6 is a really thick yarn. It is also referred to as super bulky and roving weight. Super bulky yarn is used to create super warm and thick projects. You will often see it used for projects such as slippers, hats, scarves, baskets, amigurumi, blankets, and more.

Yarn Weight 7 / Jumbo Yarn

Yarn weight 7 is a very large yarn. It is also referred to as jumbo and roving weight. The yarn is often used for blankets.

Yarn Weight Chart

Below, I have designed a yarn weight comparison chart for you. Please use this chart to help you decide on the yarn weight and crochet hook sizes for your projects. I have included standard US weight, UK and Australian terms, yarn type, and crochet hook sizes.

7 Different Yarn Weights


I hope after reading my article you have a better understanding of the different yarn weight categories. Just remember, yarn weights and crochet hook sizes are guidelines only.

To help you more, check out these articles: Yarn weight Comparison, Crochet StitchesCrochet abbreviationsGuide to Crochet Thread SizesCrochet Sets and Crochet Patterns for Beginners. Or you can head on to our Facebook Page for more patterns.

Once you start crocheting, you will learn that patterns call for a different size crochet hook than what the yarn weight recommends. 


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