Men’s Cowl Crochet Pattern

 Mens Cowl Crochet Pattern

Men’s Cowl Crochet Pattern

When the cold nips we all want to be nice and warm. So, here is the solution; the men’s cowl crochet pattern. Time to create a beautiful cowl for your man to let him know that you love him.

It would sure make a sweet, heartfelt gift for him this Valentine’s Day. Try sowing in his name to add a personal touch, and he will love you like the world was ending.

Materials For The Men’s Cowl

So what materials do you need to create these stunning cowls?

– Size H Crochet Hook

– Worsted weight yarn in any color

With very minimal materials required there is entirely no reason preventing you from trying the men’s cowl crochet pattern? Although the title mainly suggests that it is meant for men, it is actually unisex, and the pattern is available in different sizes.

– Toddler

– Child

– Teen/Woman

– Men

So you can make one for even yourself. You deserve a little pampering now and then or even better you can create matching cowls for both you and your man to wear on those walks at night.

Mens Cowl Crochet Pattern

The Men’s Cowl Crochet Pattern Makes A Great Gift

This crochet cowl pattern will enable you to make the perfect gift for anyone that you love. The only shortcoming is that babies can’t wear them. I know what you are thinking, but it is unsafe for a baby. And yes, maybe I thought about it too.

But, on the upside the various designs you can come up with this pattern are numerous, especially if you like playing with some color. The men’s cowl crochet pattern allows you to create whatever you can imagine. You can incorporate any other patterns into the cowl. You can add tiny amigurumi animals and give it as a present to a child.

The men’s cowl also fits together with any cold weather outfit. Your man is bound to look strapping with it, just remember to sow in the name just so the other girls know who he belongs to.

Mens Cowl Crochet Pattern

Grab The Men’s Cowl Crochet Pattern

The secret to using the men’s cowl crochet pattern is to let your imagination run free. Don’t limit your mind to what usual cowls look like. Go all out and put your own spin into the process to make unique pieces that everyone will fall in love with. Do not be afraid to experiment because life is too short to stick in between the margins.

So to conclude, the men’s cowl crochet pattern will give you a field day. Not only will it serve a utility purpose but it is aesthetically stunning in any winters outfit.

You can make your man wear it to keep out the cold or just throw it on him to finish off his winter’s outfit. Trust me it’s not just the ice that will be melting. So go get the pattern and crochet away because it’s the perfect way to say I love you.

Get The Crochet Men’s Cowl Pattern Here

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Free Men’s Crochet Bubble Wrap Cowl Pattern

This bubble wrap pattern crochet cowl (by Make My Day Creative) is very easy and quick too thanks to the chunky yarn and 10mm hook. You can easily adjust the size by adding/subtracting an even number of stitches. It works in rows as well as rounds too. So get hold of some chunky yarn and get crocheting!  This chunky design is ideal for a guy.

Bubble Wrap Crochet Cowl - free crochet pattern.

You can download the full pattern to your computer and add this to your crochet to-do list. Scroll down for pdf patterns! (US and UK notation)


260m/200g super chunky yarn – this example used Debbie Bliss Paloma:

  • 130m/100g grey (“Charcoal”)
  • 65m/50g red (“Ruby”)
  • 65m/50g beige (“Pebble”)

Size 10mm hook

Download the free Bubble Wrap Cowl Pattern (US)

Download the free Bubble Wrap Cowl Pattern (UK)

Bubble Wrap Pattern Crochet Cowl


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