Comfy Mens Crochet Slippers Pattern

One of the rising trends in men’s fashion today is mens crochet slippers. Yes, you’ve heard it right, it’s slippers! It is a surprising trend that highlights the changing taste of men when it comes to glamming up their feet.

With these Comfy Indoor Men’s Crochet Slippers Pattern, you can now belong in the invading trend in men’s footwear collections!

Comfy Indoor Men's Crochet Slippers Pattern

These plain slip-on pair is a perfect alternative for the rubber slippers. It takes advantage of a well-designed pattern and a sturdy yarn to provide a secure yet comfy indoor slippers for your feet. Come, and let’s take a closer look at this new rising footwear for men.


Ingunn Santini, the designer, utilized the use of two main stitched to create a simple design with a classic touch. Although the skill level needed for this pattern is intermediate, it only requires minimum practice. You don’t have to worry about its complexity because it can be fun as you get along with it!

Remember, though, to use only the suitable yarn for this pattern. There are yarns that are not suitable for stitching slippers and will affect the quality of your stitch output even after following the stitching instructions properly. Never make the mistake of using an inappropriate yarn for your slippers. 

When you start stitching your crochet slippers, please do not forget to try working with two strands or double yarn instead of one, of different colors. It will definitely add some extra ‘oomph’ to your project!

Comfy Indoor Men's Crochet Slippers Pattern
Crochet-Knit Slipper-Clogs by Ingunn Santini

  • Yarn – Use any yarn you think will fit the project. Preferrably something bulky/5, 12 ply with an approximate wrap per inch of 6-7. Depending on the size of the slippers you are making, the amount of yarn you will need will be around 3.6 ounces or 100 grams.

    How to choose yarn weight by wraps per inch – Click here
    What yarn to substitute – Click here
  • Hook – Any hook size that will help you get your gauge. A 7 millimeter (US K/10.5) hook will also do.
Mens Comfy Crochet Slippers Pattern
Crochet-Knit Slipper-Clogs by Ingunn Santini

  • Child-size – US 1-4 or EU 32-36
  • Small – US 2-4 or EU 34-36
  • Medium – US 5-6 or EU 37-38
  • Large – US 7 – 8 or EU 39-40
  • Extra Large – 9-10 or EU 41-42  


It would be nice to see your creation last long, isn’t it? To protect your slippers, bind the outsoles to the bottom part to maintain the quality and extend the use. By doing this measure, you can protect your slippers from dirt, dust, tear, and various elements that can easily ruin and turn it to worn-out footwear. 

This will also make your slippers sturdy and comfortable to wear. If you want added protection, you may also insert insoles too!

Men's Crochet Slippers Pattern with insoles
Crochet-Knit Slipper-Clogs by Ingunn Santini

Why Stitch A Pair Of Men’s Crochet Slippers?

Pricey and fresh-from-the-shop gifts are the norm these days, and these handmade gifts are a fresh way to express one’s appreciation. Also, it can be a very useful gift for its recipients.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the best gifts you can give for your husband, father, uncle, or any important men in your life. It can also be an excellent gift for any gender.

You can play with its colors to match your recipient’s favorite color or personality. Gifts with personalized colors would surely be more appealing for them! Maybe you will prefer this crochet clogs pattern.

This pattern by Ingunn Santini let us make a wonderful handmade gift that would really delight our loved ones. Nothing’s better than a gift made with love, isn’t it?

So start picking up your yarn, your crochet hook, and your pattern and start stitching your way to a comfy yet stunning Comfy Indoor Men’s Crochet Slippers Pattern!