Lovely Crochet Twisted Headband Pattern

Make your very own headband by working on this crochet twisted headband pattern!

Using the same old headbands over and over again can get boring, so why not try something new? With this crochet twisted headband pattern, you’ll be able to make a multi-functional headband in the colors you want!

The herringbone double crochet stitch used in this headband creates a fun and lovely design that will surely make you want to create more! Just make sure to use colors that will match all of your outfits.

We know you’re excited to know how to make this adorable and functional headband, so continue reading this article to learn how to crochet a twisted headband!


Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch Crochet Twisted Headband Pattern

You might be wondering why the designer, MJsOffTheHookDesigns, sounds familiar. Well, that’s because they also created the pattern for the adorable crochet deer blanket!

Whether you want to keep your hair out of your face or you need extra warmth for the coming winter, you can surely use this crochet twisted headband.

Just like the crochet deer blanket, the headband you’ll create using this twisted headband pattern can be used in multiple ways.

First, of course, you can use this as your regular headband. It’s a great way to help you focus more on your task since you won’t have to repeatedly move your hair away from your face. 

Aside from that, using a headband is also a great way to let your hair rest from all the days you put them in a tight bun. Having your hair in tight buns almost everyday can damage it.

If you live in the colder regions and you need extra warmth during Winter, you can also use this as an ear warmer. Since you get to make your own ear warmer using this crochet twisted headband pattern, you can adjust its size to whichever feels the comfiest.

Lastly, you can also complete your outfit by using your twisted headband crochet as a head wrap. It can also serve as a protection to your hair and scalp from the harsh outdoor environment.

Are you already thinking of working on this twisted headband pattern? Maybe you’re already deciding which yarn color to use!

Before you choose your colors, let’s take a look at the yarns you’ll need for this crochet twisted headband.

Twisted Headband and Yarns By MJsOffTheHookDesigns
Twisted Headband and Yarns By MJsOffTheHookDesigns

About the Fuzzy and Soft Yarn Used for this Crochet Twisted Headband Pattern

Did you notice the subtle fuzz from the pictures of this twisted headband pattern? The fuzziness of this headband is one of the factors that made it stand out. 

One of the yarns you’ll need to work on this twisted headband pattern is the Sugar Bush Yarns Bliss. It’s a blend of cashmere, silk, and extra-fine merino that creates a luxurious and soft feel. 

To add the fuzzy look, you’ll also have to use the Sugar Bush Yarns Drizzle. It is a fine weight yarn made with the blend of super kid mohair and silk. 

To help you decide which colors to use, check the available colors for each yarn. Happy yarn shopping!

More About the Crochet Twisted Headband Pattern

You might think this is a little hard to make because of the arrow-like design and gorgeous pattern it creates. In reality, this twisted headband pattern is perfect even for beginner crocheters!

To make the arrow-like design, you only need to know how to make the herringbone double crochet stitch. It is similar to the double crochet stitch, but with a tiny variation to make the stitch slant a little to one side.

Even the elegant twist at the top of the headband is easy to make. As long as you know how to sew ends together, you’ll surely be able to complete this headband

Did we mention that it is available in four sizes – toddler, child, adult, and large adult? Yes, you can make one for your toddler or your child too! 

Create one – or multiples in different colors – to complete your everyday outfit and your little ones too! 

Backside of the Twisted Headband by MJsOffTheHook
Backside of the Twisted Headband by MJsOffTheHookDesigns
Skill Level



12.5 stitches and 10 rows equal to 4”

Materials Needed

Sugar Bush Bliss

Sugar Bush Drizzle 

US I/9 (5.5mm) or size needed to obtain gauge

Yarn Needle

Finished size

5 inches wide by 19.5 inches long

Stitches Used

Chain – Learn the Chain Stitch here

Single Crochet – Check out how to do Single Crochet

Double Crochet – How to do Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet – Guide on how to Half Double Crochet

Double Crochet Together

Twsited Headband in Different Color By MJsOffTheHookDesigns
Twsited Headband in Different Color By MJsOffTheHookDesigns

What Colors Did You Use For This Crochet Twisted Headband Pattern?

We are so confident all crocheters can work on this crochet twisted headband pattern. So instead of asking if you’re able to complete your headband, we’d love to know how many crochet twisted headband you made?

Let us know what colors you chose to use by posting your work on our Facebook Page! We can’t wait to see your headbands in different colors!

Do you want to make more headbands in different designs? We listed a few ones on our previous Headband Patterns article!

Now that you’re able to create your own headband from this crochet twisted headband pattern, we positive your everyday outfit will always be on point!