Mandala Crochet Jacket Duster Free Pattern

Mandala Crochet Jacket Duster Free Pattern

Crochet Jacket Mandala Duster

Crochet Jacket mandala duster is just simply amazing, elegant and beautiful. Just why are these jackets called ‘dusters’? Where I come from, a duster is a soft cleaning cloth for well, dusting. I certainly wouldn’t do any dusting with this jacket, probably not even while wearing this jacket. It’s a mystery to me where the name comes from. But nonetheless, I want one!

We love the long and flowing sleeves, the open back, and the gorgeous frill around the edge of this jacket. And it all starts with a simple magic ring.

Drop on over to see all the great pictures of this jacket and find the free crochet pattern.

Materials needed:

  • 5.5 mm hook (or as needed for gauge)
  • #1, #2, or #3 weight yarn – the recycled yarn used in this example was around 17 WPI, which could be fingering or sport depending on which chart you look at. Be sure to test your gauge, listed below. Estimated at over 1,000 yards needed.

Gauge: 3.25″ measured across the diameter after Rnd 3.

Final Dimensions:
22.5″ radius (measured from center of motif to bottom edge)
50″ diameter (measured from collar to bottom edge)

Get the free pattern here


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