Crochet Heart Pattern Clutch Bag Tapestry

Crochet Heart Pattern bag

Crochet Heart Pattern Bag 

The crochet heart pattern bag is one of those patterns that will leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Do not be surprised if it gets addictive I think that was the intention of the creator. The crochet heart pattern bag makes for a very stunning zipper clutch bag that will go so finely with any outfit you decide to rock.

The beautiful hearts and the contrasting colors of the pattern simply make it stand out even from afar. I tried making one and the results were absolutely amazing. My only regret is that I hadn’t come across this pattern sooner in my life. You will definitely have loads of fun with this pattern.

So, considering the way the crochet heart pattern bag stands out you will definitely need to invest materials and patience if you want to make one. Fortunately for you, all the materials can be easily sourced from your local arts and crafts store.

Suggested Materials

• 3.5 mm crochet hook
• One 100 gr/ 3.52 oz (200 m/ 218 yd) skein of fine 100% cotton yarn in NAVY BLUE
•  100 gr/ 3.52 oz (200 m/ 218 yd) skein of fine 100% cotton yarn in WATERMELON
• One 100 gr/ 3.52 oz (200 m/ 218 yd) skein of fine 100% cotton yarn in CREAM
• Yarn bowls or box with holes
• One 13.8”/ 35 cm ring pull metallic zipper
• Stitch markers in two colors


Heart Bag Finished Size

11.4” x 6”/ 29 cm x 15 cm

Stitches And Techniques

• Slip stitch
• Single crochet (UK double crochet)
• Tapestry crochet (with more than 2 colors at a time)


Skill Level

Advanced: This design includes crochet basic stitches, a mid-level repetitive tapestry crochet pattern (alternating more than two colors at a time), easy shaping and finishing techniques.

The crochet heart pattern bag is definitely for the more technically gifted crocheter because it contains quite a few complicated stitches. For instance, the single crochet which is the UK double crochet and tapestry crochet with more than two colors at the same time.

If you are a beginner then it may be a pattern which you save for when you have some more developed skills. For an experienced crocheter, you will have to invest your time into making this pattern but the payoff is huge. When you hold that stunning complete bag in your arms all your struggles will be forgotten.

The crochet heart pattern bag is one of those patterns you don’t want to fool around with. Finding just the right color pallets’ to go with each other is a delicate matter. I would recommend just sticking to what is in the pattern instructions. But, if you feel your creative edge coming through then you can definitely try new colors.

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Add Some Bling

However, take your time in choosing them because they have to look just right. You can try adding some enhancements to the crochet heart pattern bag. For instance, try adding some rind stones or light bead work to add a bit of shine to your bag. It will look absolutely glamorous.

If you wanted a pattern that will turn heads then the crochet heart pattern bag is the one for you. If you wanted a pattern that will leave your girls wanting one the crochet heart pattern bag is just the thing.

It’s beautiful and stunning with an air of sophistication. Whats even more, you can put your keys, makeup or whatever you prefer to have on you at all times in it. What more could you ask for?

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