Easter Egg Hunt Crochet Decor Pattern 

Make this Easter more memorable by decorating your homes with this vibrant and colorful Easter Egg Hunt Crochet Decor Pattern. Even better than the real ones, this can be re-used for the next Easter holiday!

Decorating your homes with different colors of eggs hoping for the Easter bunny to show up, participating in an Easter egg hunting challenge, and design-your-own Easter eggs are just some of the exciting and fun things to do during Easter.

These activities definitely bring back the good old times for us adults and new memories to cherish for the kids!

Easter Egg Hunt Crochet Decor Pattern 


The egg crochet pattern by Clare of LittleConkers makes a great introduction to 3-D crocheting and amigurumi toys. The pattern is also suitable for beginners which means that you don’t have to be an expert to make your very own Easter egg crochet decorations. Just know all the basic crochet stitches by heart and you’re good to go.

This pattern is also perfect for people who are fond of making hand-crafted items. They can make one for themselves and give them as a present for their loved ones as well. This pattern will surely enhance their skills in crocheting 3-D pieces.

Easter Egg Hunt Crochet Decor Pattern
Egg Crochet Pattern by Clare of LittleConkers

You will save time and money with this egg pattern. Keep and store it in a clean storage box to be re-used for the next Easter holiday!

You can also customize and design your crocheted egg for it to be more exquisite. Adding embroidery and beads can add a more personalized twist to your crocheted Easter eggs. Anyone will definitely be ecstatic to receive such a personalized gift this holiday.

  • Home decorations – Easter eggs are the essence of the Easter festival. It won’t be complete without decorating your home with these multicolored crochet eggs.
  • Easter egg hunting contest – Crocheters can re-use this again and again for different Easter activities and future Easter activities. It won’t break unlike real eggs because this crochet egg is made up of dense fabric.
  • Gifts to your relatives and friends – Just add beads and other embroidery to your crochet egg patterns, voila! A perfect personalized gift for your loved ones. You can even embroider their names in the eggs to make it extra special.
easy to make easter holiday egg decor
Egg Crochet Pattern by Clare of LittleConkers

  • Yarn – Double knitting yarn with a light worsted weight in category 3
  • Hook – an E-4 or 3.5 millimeter
  • stuffing material
  • yarn needle
  • scissors


If you’re aiming for a more realistic sized egg, use the exact yarn stated in the materials to create a 5.5 centimeter or 2¼ inches long egg. An egg of this size will need about 16 meters of 17 yards of yarn.

realistic reusable eco friendly crochet egg pattern
Egg Crochet Pattern by Clare of LittleConkers

What are you waiting for? Prepare your crochet materials, practice all the basic stitches in crocheting and start making your very own Easter Egg Hunt Crochet Decor Pattern.

Makers will find this pattern quite versatile! It is perfect for Easter as it is sturdier than real eggs, it can be re-used which saves you time and money, and lastly, perfect for home decorations and personalized gifts for loved ones. 

Be sure to make your own crochet Easter Egg Basket as well.

Start now and start saving both time and energy this coming Easter!