Easter Bunny Pattern – Crochet Chocolate Bunny

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

Easter Bunny Pattern – Crochet Chocolate Bunny

One thing I absolutely love about the Easter holidays are the chocolate bunnies. I admit that I am a bit of a chocolate addict, but Easter is one of those holidays where I get to eat all the chocolate I want without anyone questioning me.

So by default, chocolate bunnies are my favorite. Imagine my delight when I stumbled on the crochet Easter bunny pattern on Etsy. The bunnies almost look good enough to eat; it was all I could do not to scoff them down when I made my own crochet Easter bunnies.

And with Easter just on the horizon, the crochet Easter bunny pattern was a golden find. Now I have something special to mark Easter with. Dare I say something absolutely delicious to the eyes?

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern Materials

  • 150 yards of worsted weight yarn in any color you wish your bunny to be
  • A size H (5.00) crochet hook
  • 3/8’ button for the eyes
  • Fiberfill
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbon in any color you want. (preferably in the same color as the bunny)

The pattern is meant for beginners to the intermediate level although from my experience I found the bunny quite easy to make. The crochet Easter bunny pattern has very extensive documentation.

The PDF’s and tutorials are also presented in simple English that is easy to follow, this coupled with the detailed illustrations and pictures make the pattern very easy to pick up even for a beginner. It’s not complicated at all.

The bunny is made by crocheting two separate bunny shapes and then stitching them together. After that, you add the stuffing and viola you have your very own crochet Easter bunny.

Crochet Chocolate Easter Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Easter Bunny Hunt – Without The Melted Chocolates

There are a million of things to do with the crochet Easter bunny pattern this Easter. Instead of your usual Easter egg hunt how about you try to put a few crochet Easter bunnies around for the kids to find.

You could make some in different colors and lay them out around the house as decorative pieces for the season. Try giving a few crochet Easter bunnies to your friends and family to commemorate the season. They will be a symbol of the love that you have them and one that they will absolutely adore.

Hold an Easter barbecue at your house and use the Easter bunnies to set the ambience. They will give the children something to play with and are bound to be the talk pieces for the adults. Either way, the crochet Easter bunnies will serve a million and one purposes this Easter holiday.

So to taper off, the crochet Easter bunny pattern is an absolute must-have for the Easter Season. They are not only fun and easy to make, but they are also stunning to look at, A feast for the eyes and the soul. And with the number of ways that you can make use of them you would be mad not to get the crochet Easter bunny pattern.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Etsy and get yourself this amazing pattern.

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