Cuddly Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern

Since we have already learned how to make a crochet heart, it’s time to put our skills into use by working on this crochet heart pillow pattern!

We always want our crocheters to enjoy while making their projects, so we chose this lovely heart-shaped pillow. Don’t you just love how cuddly it looks?

Aside from how soft it looks, we absolutely adore the colors and designs the designer used for the hearts. It will surely add a pop of color wherever you plan to place the pillow.

We know words are not enough to describe how soft and squishy this crochet heart pillow is, so continue reading the article to learn how to crochet a heart pillow.

Cuddly Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern

Cute and Colorful Projects from Loops And Love Crochet

If you love this heart pillow crochet pattern, we’re sure you’ll adore the other works of Loops And Love Crochet. Her other works are as cute and as colorful as this pillow!

Moms who have little ones will surely love her other fun patterns. We love how she incorporates bright and fun colors to cute little amigurumi animals.

However, if you’re looking for something more functional, she also has patterns for bags and baskets. The colors used in these patterns are not as bright so they will surely work with any outfit. 

So if you’re thinking of making a gift for your little one or a good friend, try visiting her Etsy shop. You’ll surely find a pattern you can make!

Bernat Blanket Yarn in Tourmaline From Yarnspirations
Bernat Blanket Yarn in Tourmaline From Yarnspirations

Soft and Fuzzy Bulky Yarn for the Crochet Heart Pillow

We’re glad Loops And Love Crochet chose to use the Bernat Blanket Yarn for this heart pillow pattern. Indeed, the fuzziness of this yarn added a unique texture to this crochet heart pillow.

By using this super bulky, chenille-style yarn, you’ll have lots of colors to choose from. You can opt to use a solid color yarn, or you can also use variegated yarn to create random designs.

Huge projects can be done in less time when you use this super bulky weight yarn. That’s why crocheters love using it when making afghans and blankets. 

Since it is mostly used for larger projects, the Bernat Blanket yarn is offered in big ball size. You won’t have to change your yarn as frequently as when you’re working with smaller balls of yarn.

How excited are you to work with this fuzzy yarn?

Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern By LoopsAndLoveCrochet
Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern By LoopsAndLoveCrochet

More Details About the Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern

Are you looking for a crochet pillow that’s fun to make? Then this crochet heart pillow pattern is the project for you! 

This beginner-friendly pattern is so easy to make, you’ll be able to finish it in no time! Plus, you’ll work on a bulky yarn so you’ll be able to complete the pattern faster than when you’re using thinner yarn.

In addition to that, if you have read our article about how to crochet a heart, you’ll be familiar with the process of this pattern. This pattern is almost similar to the how to crochet a heart tutorial!

If you haven’t read it yet, there’s no need to worry. This pattern is for beginners so we’re sure you can follow along easily. 

Did we mention that you can make two hearts in different sizes when you work on this heart pillow pattern? The pattern includes one for a smaller heart and another pattern for a bigger heart so you can choose which size you want to make.

Or why not make both, right?

Skill Level


Materials Needed
Finished size

8” wide x 7.5” tall

11” wide x 10” tall

Stitches Used

Chain stitch – Learn the Chain Stitch here

Single crochet – Check out Single Crochet Tutorial

Single crochet two together (sc2tog)

How Are You Using Your Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern?

Were we able to entice you to work on this crochet heart pillow pattern? We hope we did!

We can’t wait to see your works and how you used them! Did you use them as decoration or as a cuddle pillow when you sleep?

Let us know how you used them by posting your finished works on our Facebook page! The whole community is excited to see how yours turned out. 

If you’re looking for other pillow projects to make, we recommend trying this cozy crochet pillow!

We hope you love your very own cuddly pillow and we hope you had fun working on this crochet heart pillow pattern!