10 Crochet Pouf Patterns

Create comfy cushions or extra seats around your house with these 10 Crochet Pouf Patterns!

Never has there been a more versatile piece of furniture than the crochet pouffe. It’s a table, a seat, and a place to rest your feet all at once while remaining so easy to move around that it can almost earn the title of a throw pillow. 

Make one, two, or three. After all, it’s never bad to have too many poufs around the house!

10 Crochet Pouf Patterns

1. Crochet Bobbles Pouf Pattern by Is Woolish

This bobbles pouf is fun to make, it works up very quickly and is perfect to be used as a seat, a table, and a footrest when needed.

You can use this crochet foot rest in any interior design – regardless of whether your premises are modern and elegant, or perhaps minimalist.

Free crochet bobble stitch tutorial here.

Crochet Bobbles Pouf Pattern by Is Woolish

Get the Pattern by Is Woolish here

2. Round Minimalist Floor Pouf Crochet Pattern by Minimalism With Yarn

Make your own modern minimalist floor pouf for your home!

The simple, refined design fits any decor, from the living room, bedroom, guest room, or nursery. Use it as extra seating on the floor or as a footrest, for yourself or the kids.

Use any color or fiber you desire that fits the pattern to suit your unique style at home.

Round Minimalist Floor Pouf Crochet Pattern by Minimalism With Yarn

Get the Pattern by Minimalism With Yarn here

3. Free Pouf Crochet Ottoman Pattern by Make And Do Crew

This Pouf Free Crochet Pattern lets you’ll build new skills while making your own functional furniture.

Worked in six squares with six different stitches, this large show-stopper is a surprisingly portable project.

This crochet pouf makes a great seat or ottoman, or set a tray on it to make a texture-rich side table. Perfect crochet project for nurseries, living rooms, or bedrooms.

Pouf Free Crochet Pattern by Make And Do Crew

Get the Pattern here

4. Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern by Sweet Everly B

Whether you need extra seating when guests stop by, like to put your feet up, or have kids who love floor pillows, this crochet footstool is for you.

With a classic round shape and hints of modern design, this crochet pouf pattern is what your room needs. The finished size of this overstuffed floor cushion is 20″ wide by 13″ high.

Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern by Sweet Everly B

Get the Pattern by Sweet Everly B here

5. Mosaic Floor Pouf Crochet Pattern by Yarn And Chai

Settling in for a long evening of crochet? Rest your feet (or your cup of coffee) on this beautiful piece of crochet foot rest.

You’ll need two different yarns to achieve the mosaic effect of this pattern. First, you’ll need a chunky #5 yarn that will be the base color of your pouf.

Second, you’ll need a different colored yarn for the mosaic pattern on the sides of the pouf.

Whether you choose a solid, variegated, or self-striping yarn, the effect will be awesome!

Mosaic Floor Pouf Crochet Pattern by Yarn And Chai

Get the Pattern here

6. Peppermint Kiss Crochet Pouf Pattern by Crafting Friends Designs

This Peppermint Kiss Crochet Pouf Pattern is a must-have for any kid to enjoy during the holidays! They’ll have fun kicking back and reading books or watching movies in this amazing bean bag chair.

Whip up each section in a different color to enjoy throughout the year or coordinate with their room decor.

Peppermint Kiss Crochet Pouf Pattern by Crafting Friends Designs

Get the Pattern by Crafting Friends Designs here

7. Boho Crochet Pouf Pattern by Dark N Twisty Housewife

The Boho look is coming back for home decor and this crochet pouf pattern makes an awesome addition to any room!

This Boho Pouf Crochet Pattern s made using puffs and loop stitches. It measures about 19 in tall x 21 in wide when made with a bulky yarn.

Boho Crochet Pouf Pattern by Dark N Twisty Housewife

Get the Pattern by Dark N Twisty Housewife here

8. Crochet Plaid Floor Pouf Pattern by Whistle And Ivy

This comfy crochet plaid floor pouf goes with your holiday or everyday rustic decor.

Made with two strands of yarn, it works up quickly. You can even use things from around your home as stuffing. The riveted leather handles are the perfect finishing touch.

Crochet Plaid Floor Pouf Pattern by Whistle And Ivy

Get the Pattern here

9. Crochet Footstool Pattern by String Theory C

This is a pattern for a comfy and cute footstool – ideal for children’s bedroom or stylish apartment.

This Crochet Footstool Pattern is for adventurous crocheters. The stitches are easy but it is made up of 6 strands of super bulky yarn, fabric strips or t-shirt yarn, and an extremely big hook.

Check out cool T-Shirt Yarn Projects here.

Footstool Crochet Pattern by String Theory C

Get the Pattern by String Theory C here

10. Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern by MJs Off The Hook Designs

At the end of every long day, all I want to do is settle down with a good book in my favorite chair and kick my feet up. It’s been a tradition for me but I’ve always had a problem with my footstool.

You see after a while the hard surface always gets uncomfortable for my feet and that’s where the crochet floor pouf comes in.

A stunning design meant to give you maximum comfort for as long as you want it. The crochet floor pouf is just what the name says, it’s a puffy round ball of crocheting magic that you place on the floor and get to put your feet on it. And, it is absolutely beautiful. I regret not having run into this pattern sooner.

 So what do you require to make your own amazing crochet floor pouf?

 Crochet Floor Pouf Materials

  • 3 skeins Bernat Handicrafter Chunky total 645 yards,
  • 1 large bag of polyester stuffing 64 oz
  • 8mm crochet hook (L)
  • Tapestry Needle

Crochet Floor Pouf Is Easier Than It Looks

Due to its size, the crochet floor pouf pattern may seem complicated but it is actually a simple pattern. You also have a choice of how to get this pattern into your life.

There is a PDF with written instructions if you prefer reading and if you are more visually acute then there is a tutorial made just for you.

The instructions are given in great detail so you do not miss a step but again this is a simple pattern. There are no technical stitches involved in this crochet pattern.

Even if you are a beginner, you will definitely get the hang of it if you follow the directions given.  The end result of your patience will be a beautifully made crochet floor pouf.

Crochet Floor Pouf

Any Color You Like

With the crochet floor pouf pattern, you can let your imagination roam wild. Do not limit your creativity because this pattern certainly gives a lot of room to add your own personal touch to it.

Due to the fact that the crochet pouf pattern uses a solid block color means that you can get to play around with the colors.

Choose any color yarn and get crocheting away or you could mix up the colors to come up with an even more interesting design. Add your touch by putting a little embroidery on the poufs.

You could even sign in your name just to personalize it further. Beadwork, rind stones and even ribbons, anything and nearly everything goes well with the crochet floor pouf pattern.

It Can Have Multiple Uses

Below is the one which I made for at my house and I sit on it to meditate. It also comes in handy for some yoga moves. I didn’t use the stuffing, but I had an old pillow which I used instead.

With the pillow being a little bigger then expected it has stretched the stitches a little.

Crochet Floor Pouf

Now the primary use for the crochet floor pouf may be as a crochet foot rest but it can also serve a myriad of other purposes too. It can be used as a decorative piece.

You can place a few different colored poufs around the house and they will definitely change the ambiance.

You can use the crochet floor pouf as a small stand to place light objects on. Try using them as seats for your kids’ room, if you expand the dimensions a bit they make quite comfortable seats.

There are plenty more uses of the crochet floor pouf but you can only discover them if you make one.

The crochet floor pouf pattern is definitely one that I would recommend a die-hard crocheter to have. With so many uses and its stunning design, the crochet pouf pattern is one addition to your house that you will absolutely love.

How to crochet a floor pouf video tutorial

Thanks to the guys at MJs for this wonderful pattern

Get The Free PDF Pattern Here

With these crochet pouf patterns you can create a gorgeous crochet pouf in no time, then put your feet up and relax.

The best part is that you can use any color or style that you like in making your crochet pouf. You don’t have to spend loads of money to buy a pouf because you can easily make one yourself!

We’re excited to see what you make, so please do share them on our Facebook Page!

Enhance the look and style of your space with a gorgeous crochet pouf patterns and you won’t regret it!

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