Free Coral Reef Crochet Necklace Pattern

Our pattern for this coral reef crochet necklace will guide you through each step of creating your own lovely crochet necklace.

The best part?

You will be able to crochet your own coral reef crochet necklace in any color you like and embellish with beads to your hearts content.

Read on to find out how to get the pattern for a coral reef crochet necklace!


Crochet Jewelry Coral Reef Necklace Free Pattern


Crochet Coral Reef Necklace

While this lovely crochet necklace can very well evoke images of snorkeling along the coral reef, it can also transform any outfit for a lively addition to just about any look!

Because you will be able to crochet this coral reef inspired necklace yourself, you will be able to make it any color, or a variety of colors, for yourself and for others.

Really, the possibilities are endless! From color to bling, the only limit is your imagination.

You can dress up any outfit with some fun flair. Personally, I made a few of the coral reef crochet necklaces for myself and my girlfriends.

We’ve worn these coral reef crochet necklaces at the office with a simple tee and skirts, a summer dress, a tank and shorts, as well as a lovely sheath to go out at night.

The first couple of coral reef crochet necklaces that I made, I just kept simple, but then I started to play with adding beads for a little more “oomph!”

This pattern for a coral reef crochet necklace is slightly more difficult, but with a little practice and patience, it is absolutely WORTH IT.

Discussed further are the materials and stitches you need to know, how much time it will take you and more. Keep reading for more information!


Crochet Necklace Pattern Coral Reef


Materials Needed


Crochet Skill level




30 minutes, give or take


Finished Size

For an adult: 16 inches/41 centimetres (including clasp)- collar length.


Coral Necklace Crochet Pattern


Tips For The Coral Reef Crochet Necklace Pattern

For the coral reef pattern, you do need to check your gauge.

  • For a 2” x 2” square crocheted as 15 double crochet stitches x 6 rows.
  • If your tension does not fit this gauge, please try a different size hook until you obtain these dimensions.


Crochet Stitches Needed

Stitches you need to be familiar with are:

  • Chain stitch
  • Single Crochet stitch
  • Reverse single crochet (also called the crab stitch)
  • Slip stitch


For a tutorial on the crab stitch, click here.


This pattern is in both written pattern and diagram.


Free Crochet Necklace Pattern


Again, there are so many options with this crochet necklace. Also, it is so unique and fun. Worked in a metallic yarn will also give each necklace a different look.


If you haven’t checked out this pattern yet, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t but, do it! It’s free and fun! The link is just below. Go ahead, I’ll wait …


Coral Reef Crochet Necklace Pattern Tutorial


Glad you decided to check out the coral reef crochet necklace. You will want to make many more, I assure you! I really hope you enjoyed this crochet necklace pattern!


Get the coral reef necklace crochet pattern here


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