Guide to Jumbo Yarn

Are you in need of some new yarn but are feeling overwhelmed by the vast selection? You are not alone. With so many options to choose from, it can be quite confusing. However, understanding yarn weights is simpler than you might think. Below, I have provided all the information you need to know about jumbo yarn.

Guide to Jumbo Yarn

What is Jumbo Yarn?

Jumbo yarn, also referred to as yarn weight 7 or roving weight yarn. It is an extremely thick yarn. It creates a larger gauge, meaning you will have fewer stitches per inch compared to finer yarn weights. The thickness of the yarn allows projects to work up quickly.

Jumbo weight yarn can be made from many types of fibres, including wool, acrylic, cotton, and blends. Its substantial thickness makes it ideal for crafting warm, thick, and cozy projects.

The thickness of jumbo weight yarn not only adds volume, but also lots of texture. This versatility of the yarn makes it a popular choice for crocheters of all levels.

jumbo yarn
Chenille Jumbo Yarn

What Can You Make with Jumbo Yarn?

Jumbo weight yarn can be used to make a vast array of creative projects. Here are some popular items you can make with the roving weight yarn:

Benefits of Using Roving Weight Yarn/ Yarn Weight 7

yarn weight 7
Chenille Yarn weight 7

Using bulky yarn offers several benefits for crocheters. Some of the advantages of working with bulky yarn include:

  • Quick Projects

Due to its thickness, bulky yarn allows you to work on projects that work up quickly.

  • Beginner-Friendly

Some types of yarn weight 7 are suitable for beginners. This is because it creates larger stitches that are easier to see and work with. However, the roving weight yarn is fluffy can be very hard to work with, even for advanced level crocheters.

  • Cosy and Warm

The thickness of jumbo weight yarn creates dense and plush fabrics. This makes it ideal for cold-weather items such as blankets, cowls, and hats.

  • Quick Gifts

The fast progress you can make using jumbo weight yarn makes it a good choice for last minute projects.

  • Lots of Texture

The thickness of the yarn weight 7 creates bold and pronounced stitches. This can add texture and visual interest to your projects.

  • Versatile

Jumbo weight yarn is versatile and can be used for crocheting a wide range of projects, from chunky cowls to home decor items.

  • Creates a Bold Statement

Jumbo weight yarn is perfect for creating oversized items that are stylish and fashionable.

What Crochet Hook is Recommended for Jumbo Weight Yarn?

jumbo weight yarn
Faded Blues Jumbo Weight Yarn

When working with yarn weight 7, it is generally recommended to use a crochet hook in the range 15 mm or larger. However, always check the yarn label and pattern instructions for specific recommendations.

Keep in mind that the suggested hook size is only a starting point. You can adjust the hook size as needed to achieve the desired effect. Larger hooks will create looser stitches, while smaller hooks create tighter stitches.

Jumbo Weight Ply

Jumbo weight yarns come in various plys. Understanding what “ply” means is essential for selecting the right yarn for your project. Ply refers to the number of threads twisted together to create a single strand of yarn. Yarn with a higher ply count is usually stronger than yarn with a lower ply count.

Single ply yarn consists of one thread, 2-ply yarn is made from two threads, 3-ply from three threads, and so on. When choosing your jumbo weight yarn, pay attention to the ply. If your project requires added durability due to wear and tear, opt for a yarn with a higher ply number. On the other hand, if your project is less likely to experience much wear, yarn with a lower number of plys may be sufficient.

Jumbo Weight Gauge

Gauge plays a crucial role in the outcome of your crochet project. While not all crochet patterns specify a gauge, it is important when the size of the final project needs to be precise. By adjusting your hook size to achieve the correct gauge, you can ensure that your final project will turn out in the desired size.

When working with jumbo weight yarn, the typical gauge range is 6 stitches or fewer per 4 inches. However, it is essential to check the specific pattern instructions for the recommended gauge. This will help to ensure your project comes out the right size.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jumbo Yarn:

What is jumbo yarn?

Jumbo weight yarn is a type of yarn that falls into the heaviest weight category (#7). It is a thick, bulky yarn ideal for creating quick and cozy projects.

What size crochet hook should I use with roving weight yarn?

For roving weight yarn, crochet hooks typically range from 15 mm to 25 mm (US P/Q to U) in size. The specific hook or needle size depends on your project and desired gauge.

What can I make with the roving weight yarn?

Roving weight yarn is versatile and can be used to create various projects, including chunky blankets, oversized scarves, warm hats, and home decor items.

Is jumbo yarn suitable for beginners?

Jumbo yarn can be a great option for beginners due to its larger stitches. It allows for quick progress, which can boost confidence and motivation in new crafters. However, jumbo weight yarn that is fuzzy is not good for beginners.

What size is jumbo yarn?

Jumbo yarn is one of the thickest yarn weights available. It is categorized as #7.

Is jumbo yarn the same as super bulky?

Jumbo weight yarn is not the same as super bulky. Jumbo weight yarn is thicker and classified as weight #7. Super bulky yarn is classified as weight #6.

Can I substitute roving weight yarn for other yarn weights in patterns?

While it’s possible to substitute roving weight yarn for other yarn weights in some patterns, it is essential to consider the changes in gauge and size.

Now that you know more about jumbo yarn, I hope you give it a try.

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Jumbo yarn is an excellent option for various projects. Its warmth, speed, and versatility make it a favourite choice among many crocheters. Jumbo yarn can be used for crafting a wide range of items, from chunky blankets to decorative poufs.


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