How to Make a Crochet Icord with Patterns To Try

Have you ever heard of a crochet icord? If you have worked on a crochet drawstring bag, you might be familiar with it. 

Crochet cords are usually used when you need to make a rope or add details to your projects. Aside from being used to create drawstrings, icords are also used to make handles, edgings, and as a part of an amigurumi.  

How to Make a Crochet Cord | Crochet Icord Pattern

Learn How to Crochet an icord

There are multiple ways to make a crochet cord but for this article, we’ll focus on how to crochet an icord. Icords are tubes knitted on the round, but it can also be made using crochet. 

To further understand how to use icords, let’s go through some examples. Are you ready to learn how to make your own icord?

Materials Needed

To start learning how to crochet an icord, first, we have to list the materials we’ll need: Yarn, hook, and tapestry needle.

Yes, just like a normal crochet pattern, you’ll only need these basic materials to create your own icord crochet.

If you want to make a thin crochet rope, we suggest using a thin yarn and the hook size recommended for the yarn. On the other hand, if you need to make a thicker cord, bulky yarn and larger hooks work best. 

The size of the hook will have a significant effect on the final look of your cord. To make a stiffer-looking icord, you can use 1 or 2 hook sizes smaller than the recommended hook size. (Check out our guide on crochet hook sizes.)

Ready your materials and let’s proceed to learn how to crochet a cord!

How to Crochet an Icord

Finishing the crochet cord By
Finishing the icord crochet By

Gather your materials and crochet along with us as we learn how to crochet an icord.

To start, chain (ch) 3.

Step 1: Insert the hook in the second chain from the end, yarn over and pull. Now you have two loops on your hook.

Step 2: Insert the hook in the last chain farthest from the hook, yarn over, and pull. You’ll now have three loops on your hook.

Step 3: Take the two loops and remove them from your hook. Yarn over, and pull a loop. 

Step 4: Insert one of the two removed loops to your hook. Yarn over, and pull a loop.

Step 5: Insert the last removed loop to your hook. Yarn over, and pull a loop. You’ll have three loops on your hook.

Repeat from step 3 to step 5 until you reach your desired length. 

To finish the icord, yarn over and pull through all three loops. Cut the yarn, then yarn over and pull through the loop. You can use the tails to tie on other parts of your project, or you can also weave in ends. 

How to Crochet an Icord Video Tutorial

Few Tips When Making the Icord Crochet

Don’t worry if your cord doesn’t look like how it should after repeating the pattern for a few rows, it will take at least ten rows before you see the nice pattern. You just have to roll the cord a little and the pattern will show. 

Just like how there are multiple ways to make a icord, there are also multiple ways to create a icord. In some patterns, you can use up to 5 stitches when making your cord

Projects that Uses Crochet iCords

1. Elephant Tissue Cover with Icord Crochet Tail By Nickishomemadecrafts

We love how the icord crochet was used to complete the details of this elephant tissue box.

Aside from being used in the usual crochet bags, icords are also used to add tube-like elements, especially in amigurumi. In fact, icords are an easy way to add legs, arms, tails, and hair to your amigurumi project.

Elephant Tissue Cover with Crochet Icord Tail By Nickishomemadecrafts

Find this pattern By Nickishomemadecrafts here

2. Crochet Cord Bracelet with Adjustable Closure By All About Ami

If you love wearing bracelets, you’ll definitely love this cord bracelet with adjustable closure. It’s mainly made by crocheting a cord and adding some square knots to serve as its closure. 

Crochet Cord Bracelet with Adjustable Closure By All About Ami

Find the pattern By All About Ami here

3. Crochet Bag with Long Crochet Cord Strap By Burgundy and Blush

Of course, we didn’t forget to include the usual crochet cord project, a simple crochet bag. This adorable, yellow bag uses a simple crochet cord to serve as its long strap.

Crochet Bag with Long Crochet cord Strap By Burgundy and Blush
Find this pattern By Burgundy and Blush here

Aside from crochet cord, there multiple other ways to crochet a cord. For instance, the last two projects mention two different methods on how to make a cord.

In What Projects are You Using the Crochet Cord?

We hope you’re able to follow along with the pattern and was able to make a nice looking crochet icord. In what projects will you use the crochet cord?

Seeing you making your projects makes us feel fulfilled! Share your works on our Facebook page and let us know projects are keeping you busy. Can’t get enough of our crochet tutorials?

Looking for other crochet stitches to learn? Check out our guide on What is Crochet Blocking and How to do it and How To Crochet Invisible Join When Working with Rounds. We also have a few basic and intermediate stitch tutorials here. 

Now that you know how to make a crochet icord by following along this how to crochet an icord tutorial, are you ready to apply your new knowledge in your future projects?


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