Ways on How to Avoid Crochet Twisting


Crocheting can be a fun and relaxing hobby. But if you can encounter some frustrating challenges along the way. One of the most common issues beginners face is a twisted crochet chain.

If you are wondering why is my crochet chain twisting and how do I fix it, you are not alone. In this article, I will explain the most common reasons for crochet twisting and what you can do to prevent it.

Ways on How to Avoid Crochet Twisting

What is a Crochet Chain?

A crochet chain is often used to start a crochet project. A crochet chain is made by pulling yarn through a loop on the hook, then pulling the new loop through the previous loop to create a chain of stitches.

Crochet chains are found in a wide variety of patterns. Knowing how to make a crochet chain is an essential skill all crocheters need to learn. Here is our Complete Guide on Crochet Starting Chain.

Sometimes, you may encounter an annoying problem when making your chain. This is where the phrase “Why is my crochet chain twisting” becomes a common question asked by many crocheters.

Why Is My Crochet Chain Twisting?

Do you find yourself always wondering why does my crochet chain twist? There are several reasons why your crochet chain may be twisting.

One of the most common reasons is the way the chain is held or tensioned. If you are not holding the yarn and crochet hook correctly. Tension problems can also cause the chain to twist or kink. When stitches are too tight, they can cause twisting.

Having a combination of tight and loose stitches will also cause problems. Additionally, using the wrong type of yarn or hook size for your pattern can also cause your chain to twist.

How to Keep Crochet Chain from Twisting

By understanding the common causes of twisting and taking steps to correct them, you can create a smooth, straight crochet chain. You will no longer have to ask yourself, why is my crochet chain twisting?

Here are some tips on how to keep a crochet chain straight:

  • Hold the yarn and hook correctly.

Make sure you are holding the yarn and hook properly. You should not have a death grip on the yarn or hook. Instead, keep a loose grip and a relaxed posture. If you are new to crochet, it is important to practice holding your hook and yarn and creating stitches.

  • Check your tension.

Be conscious of your tension as you work. Make sure all the stitches are consistent in tension and size. If you notice that your stitches are getting tighter or looser, adjust your tension accordingly.

  • Use the right yarn and hook size.

Make sure to use the correct yarn weight and hook size for the pattern. Using a crochet hook that is too small or a yarn that is too thick can cause your chain to twist or bunch up.

  • Pinch the chain as you go.

Pinching the chain as you make it is one easy way how to keep a crochet chain from twisting. Simply pinch the chain as you create each new stitch. This will help keep the stitches straight and can also help you maintain an even tension.

  • Secure the first chain.

Here is an easy and guaranteed method how to prevent the crochet chain from twisting.  To stop the problem before it ever starts, make a chain of 5 to 10 chains. Then remove the hook and insert it back into the first chain made. Next, reinsert the hook into the working loop and continue crocheting the required number of chains for your project.

This technique ensures that the first chain is secured onto the hook, preventing the chain from twisting. This is my favourite method for how to not twist a crochet chain.

How To Join a Crochet Chain Without Twisting

For some crocheters, joining a crochet chain without twisting can be a challenge. Especially when trying to create flat edges for accessories like headbands or amigurumi. Even though the pattern designer can make it look easy, doing so can be frustrating.

Tips on how to join a crochet chain without twisting:

  1. Start by making a chain of your desired length.
  2. Lay the chain down flat on your work surface. Make sure the loops are facing up and lying flat.
  3. Then, bring the beginning of the chain up and around to your hook while keeping it flat against the surface.
  4. Last, insert your hook into the back loop of the first chain and make a slip stitch to join.

How to Fix Twisted Crochet Chain

If you’ve already started making your chain and realised it is twisted, don’t worry! It’s an easy fix.

The first step is to identify which way the chain is twisted. Hold up the chain and look at the V-shapes. The shapes should all be facing the same direction. If not, that means your chain is twisted.

To untwist the chain, simply rotate it until all the V-shapes are facing the same direction. Be careful not to twist it too much in the other direction, as you do not want to make the twist worse.

If you are still having trouble with your chain twisting and looking wobbly, you may have removed your hook and inserted it incorrectly. In this case, there are Vs on both the front and back sides of the chain. If this is what you are seeing, remove the chains until you get back to where you have a nice foundation chain that is not twisted, and all the Vs are on one side.

How To Avoid Twists In Long Crochet Chains Video Tutorial Below

I hope this video has helped in keeping your crochet tidy. So you can move through your projects quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crochet Chains

Why is my crochet chain twisting?

Crochet chain twisting is a common issue that can be frustrating. There are a few reasons why a crochet chain may twist. To keep the chain from twisting, make sure you maintain consistent tension and use the correct hook and yarn sizes.

How tight should crochet chain stitches be?

In general, crochet chain stitches should be tight enough to maintain shape, but not so tight that it is difficult to work into the stitches. If the stitches are too loose, they may appear stretched out or uneven.

On the other hand, if the chain stitches are too tight, the chain can be hard to work into, making your project stiff.

Why does my crochet chain look crooked?

Crocheting a straight can be challenging. After you have made the chain, it may appear crooked or uneven. The most common reason this happens is inconsistent tension.

Additionally, using the wrong type of yarn or hook size can also cause your chain to look crooked.

How do I keep my crochet chain straight?

Keeping a crochet chain straight is a very common problem. To help keep the chain straight, pay attention to your tension. Also, practice holding your yarn and hook, and relax.

Additionally, if your hook comes out, make certain you insert it back in the correct way. By implementing these tips, you can stop asking why is my crochet chain twisting.

Which side is the front of a crochet chain?

The front side of a crochet chain is the side with the V shapes. The back of the chain can be identified by the horizontal bars at the bottom of each stitch. When making your chain, it is important to keep track of both the front and back.

Try these tips and tricks on how to avoid crochet twisting

Why Is My Crochet Chain Twisting is a common question asked by many beginners in crochet. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks on how to keep crochet chain from twisting. By pinching the chain, working through the back loop when joining, or even securing the first chain, you can avoid this frustrating issue.

If you still find yourself with a twisted chain, do not worry. There are ways to fix it. These include gently straightening the chain or frogging it and starting over. Remember, crochet is meant to be fun and relaxing. Do not get frustrated and quit.

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Even the most experienced crocheters encounter issues from time to time. With the right techniques and a bit of patience, you will no longer have to ask the question of why is my crochet twisting.

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