How To Avoid Twists In Long Crochet Chains

How To Avoid Twists In Long Crochet Chains


How to avoid twists in long crochet chains

How to avoid twists in long crochet chains? Is a question the team are asked all the time here at Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best ones.  This is one of those ah-ha moments where you kick yourself.  Why didn’t I think of that?  

Some patterns need for you to start with a long chain, sometimes a very long chain,. Then slip stitch the ends to create a large ring.  But get a twist in the chain and you probably won’t realise until you are almost at the end of your first row – argghhh.  Now what?  

Do you unpick the whole thing and start again or try to fix it?

Better still, stop the problem happening to start with by keeping that starting chain firmly under control and don’t allow it to twist while it’s being made.

Start by chaining a few of your chains (about 10 chains, not long enough to have a twisting problem), then remove the working loop off of your crochet hook so that your hook is free.

Insert your hook into the very first chain you made, then reinsert your hook into the working loop and continue crocheting the required number of chains for your project.

No matter how many chains you make it will not twist since the first chain is secured onto the hook. You can now easily join the two ends of the chain together with a slip stitch when you’re done.

Here is our Complete Guide on Crochet Starting Chain.

How To Avoid Twists In Long Crochet Chains Video Tutorial Below

I hope this video has helped in keeping your crochet tidy. So you can move through your projects quickly.

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