How To Weave Yarn Ends – Crochet Tips

4 different ways to weave in your yarn ends when you crochet.


How To Weave Yarn Ends

How to weave yarn ends, is a crochet tip that we always get asked about. Have you ever had trouble with a finished crochet piece starting to come unravelled?  Or had obvious knots showing in your work where you’ve joined or changed yarns or colors?  Or had loose ends start to wave at you after a while of wearing a finished garment?  Yes, we’ve all been there.  How to deal with the ends of our yarn so they stay tucked away, hidden and tightly secured. Can sometimes be a challenge.  Plus, let’s face it, when you have a lot of ends to deal with at the end of the project, it’s often not the most exciting part. We might all not give that part of the finish the serious attention it deserves.

Let’s change all that today and take a good hard look at weaving in the loose ends in our beautiful crochet projects.


Ashley Little’s  Tips On How To Weave Yarn Ends

Ashley Little has given us 3 suggestions on the Craftsy Blog for how to deal with loose ends, in her article “Crochet Thursday: 3 Ways to Weave In Ends“.

  1. Weave through the stitches
  2. Whipstitch the stitches
  3. Weave as you crochet

These are all good suggestions and will most likely work well enough for most projects.

But the best way we’ve seen to weave in ends comes in Edie Eckman’s class on Craftsy called “Improve Your Crochet: Essential Techniques“.




Edie likes to weave in her ends diagonally in one direction, then across for a couple of stitches and then diagonally in the other direction.  This method seems to deal much better with horizontal stretch and prevents those little yarn tails from popping right out again or coming loose, when you put some tension on your work.  Here’s just a small example taken as a screen shot from the class.




In the end, try all the methods and see which one you prefer.


3 ways to weave in ends


Improve your Crochet Class


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