Half Treble Crochet Stitch Tutorial – Written & video

Are you familiar with the half treble crochet stitch yet?

If not, or if you could use a refresher, this is a stitch you want to learn right away!

The crochet half treble stitch pops up patterns and as the base for other more intricate stitches, so you’ll want to add this to your repertoire soon!

Check out our half treble crochet stitch tutorial, both written and video, below!

half treble crochet stitch
Cherry Heart Crochet

Half Treble Crochet Stitch Written Instructions

The half treble crochet stitch is often abbreviated in patterns as (htr).

Step 1: Start with a foundation chain to your desired length, plus one additional chain stitch.

Step 2: Yarn over and insert your hook into the THIRD chain stitch from your hook.

Step 3: Yarn over again and bring yarn through the loop on your hook. You should now have THREE loops on your hook.

Step 4: Yarn over once more and bring through all of the loops on your hook. You should now be back to ONE loop.

Step 5: Congratulations, you’ve just completed one half treble crochet stitch!

Step 6: Continue across the row to the end of the foundation chain.

Step 7: Turn your work and then work two chain stitches. These will create your turning chain.

Step 8: To begin row TWO, find the SECOND stitch from your hook, not including the turning chain stitches. If you count the ‘V’s you will find the FOURTH ‘V’.

Step 9: Yarn over and insert your hook into the SECOND half treble crochet stitch.

Step 10: Yarn over again and pull through the loop on your hook. You should have THREE loops on your hook now.

Step 11: Yarn over again and bring through all three loops on your hook.

Step 12: Continue to the end of the row!

Half Treble Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

Patterns to Use the Half Treble Crochet Stitch

Half treble crochet stitch is a lovely stitch that is looser than a double crochet, but not quite as tall as the treble crochet!

It’s a versatile stitch that be used for many different projects, from bags to garments!

Use the half treble crochet crochet stitch to work in the back loops only for another variation!

This lovely crochet cowl is another way to try out the half treble crochet stitch!

How about this fun, trendy shark blanket for a kiddo you love?

Crochet Shark Blanket Free Video Pattern

Something you may notice in this pattern is that the pattern doesn’t say “half treble crochet.” However, half treble crochet is the UK term for the same stitch that in US terms is the half double crochet stitch.

So anytime you see “half double crochet” just remember, you already know that stitch, you just learned it as half treble crochet!

Half Treble Crochet Stitch

We really hope you’ve enjoyed learning our crochet half treble stitch tutorial!

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Happy crocheting with your new half treble crochet stitch!


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