Fortunes Shawlette Crochet Pattern

Free crochet pattern and video tutorial for how to make this gorgeous shawl. You'll be amazed, but it's actually very simple!


Fortunes Shawlette Crochet Pattern

The Fortunes Shawlette crochet pattern is an all-time favorite of the Crochet News team and one we highly recommend you add to your crochet-to-do list.  In fact, add it towards the top of your list and treat yourself by making something pretty for you.

The designer says “Fortunes Shawlette was inspired by the ubiquitous corner to corner stitch, aka the diagonal box stitch. But of course, I had to add my own twist to the idea, creating a lacier, more open, summer-ready stitch pattern.”

The result is gorgeous, and just right for year-round. Bunch it up for warmth, stretch it out for a light as air layer on the shoulders. If you want a bigger shawl, you could try a thicker yarn, or even use the same yarn and add more rows – it’s super easy, and once you get started, it’ll fly off the hook!


Materials Needed To Create The Fortunes Shawlette

Yarn – 357 yds fingering weight yarn.  We suggest:

US – J, 6.0 mm hook – we suggest you treat yourself to a new Susan Bates crochet hook.


Finished Size: 52″ wide, 20″ deep, 33″ along each side


The Fortunes Shawlette Crochet Pattern Is Super Fun To Put Together And Produces Stunning Results

The style is used to create breathtaking pieces that are fit to wear all year round. If you intend to crochet a bigger shawl using the Fortunes Shawlette crochet pattern, you can try using thicker yarn, or simply using the same yarn to add more rows.

The method is easy, and once you get basics done, you will be churning out new projects at an impressive rate. For inexperienced novices, as soon as a learning curve is established, you will be able to create unique pieces such as shawls, crochet scarves, ponchos, and prayer shawls just to mention a few.

Most pieces created using the Fortunes Shawlette crochet pattern often come in one color scheme. This monochrome effect isn’t to be looked down upon or frowned at. In fact, monochrome projects created using this method are some of the most aesthetically appealing crocheted pieces. You may, however, incorporate more colors into your project and play around with different color schemes.


Basic Crochet Techniques To Make The Fortunes Shawlette

The crochet style is initiated by starting with a six loop slip-stitch. It makes use of pretty patterns and spaces bigger than other crochet styles. It does, however, require basic knowledge of crocheting techniques. Such as single crochet and treble crochet. Commonly referred to as double crochet and double treble crochets in the UK. Also others such as chain stitches, slip stitches and half double crochets.

With sound knowledge of the basics, your imagination can be let loose. You can then explore the different shapes and patterns you can come up with. The good thing about crocheting and Knitting is both can be considered to be an art form. Therefore can be used to express ideas and thoughts.

You can put in as many rows and edges as you prefer, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Similar to other crochet styles, it is typically considered a good idea to mark the front of the piece for reference purposes so as to ensure that your stitches match as you want them to.


Sizing Up The Fortunes Shawlette

The size of the final product will also be determined by the exact yardage of your yarn. Also the amount of tension applied while holding the thread and the hook size. It is also essential to use the right hook size that corresponds to the gauge of the yarn you are using in the Fortunes Shawlette crochet pattern.

In summary, the Fortunes Shawlette crochet pattern is a widely appreciated style. It has been used to create stunning pieces. With so many designs and models to choose from, the Fortunes Shawlette crochet pattern is perhaps the most popular and versatile crocheting method today. This is not surprising considering that it is one of the easiest crochets to learn.

As mentioned, you may opt for a monochrome effect on your crocheting project. Bu


How to crochet The Fortune’s Shawlette




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