Guide to Crochet Afghan Sizes

When making an afghan, you may be wondering what size it should be. That will all depend on who you are making the blanket for. Afghan sizes vary greatly.

If it is for a baby, it will be small. But if you are wanting a blanket that will cover your bed, it will be much larger.


Many times, the size of the afghan you are making will be determined by the pattern you are using. The patterns often have a certain number of stitches.

If you use a different number, the pattern may not work. While at other times, the pattern is very forgiving, and you can customize it to your liking. 

Are you designing an afghan or trying to decide what size pattern you want to make? Below are the most common afghan sizes.

crochet afghan sizes chart

Afghan Sizes in Crochet

Afghan sizes in crochet are only approximate. The finished size of your blanket does not have to be exact. The stitch count and the tightness of your stitches will determine the final dimensions.

So, if you are trying to make a baby blanket that measures 42” x 52” and it ends up measuring 43” x 51”, that is okay. Afghan sizes are for reference only. They are there, so you have a number to aim for. 

Crochet Afghan Sizes Chart

afghan sizes

Crochet Baby Afghan Size Chart

Afghan SizeMeasurements (Inches)Measurements (cm)
Micro Preemie (Small)11 x 1128 x 28
Micro Preemie (Medium)12 x 1230 x 30
Preemie (Small)20 x 2051 x 51
Preemie (Medium)22 x 2256 x 56
Preemie (Large)28 x 2871 x 71
Baby (Small Receiving)36 x 3691 x 91
Baby (Medium Receiving)38 x 3899 x 99
Baby (Large Receiving)40 x 40102 x 102
Baby (Small)25 x 3264 x 81
Baby (Medium)32 x 3681 x 91
Baby (Large)32 x 4081 x 102
Stroller30 x 3676 x 91
Swaddling (Small)44 x 44112 x 112
Swaddling (Medium)46 x 46117 x 117
Swaddling (Large)48 x 48122 x 122
Bassinet/Cradle14 x 3236 x 81
Crib (Small)36 x 5491 x 137
Crib (Medium)40 x 60102 x 152
Crib (Large)45 x 60114 x 152
Security (Small)16 x 1641 x 41
Security (Medium)17 x 1743 x 43
Security (Large)18 x 1846 x 46
Playpen40 x 40102 x 102
Lovey (Small)10 x 1025 x 25
Lovey (Medium)12 x 1231 x 31
Lovey (Large)14 x 1436 x 36

Crochet Mattress Afghan Sizes

Afghan SizeMeasurements (Inches)Measurements (cm)
Twin66 x 90168 x 229
Twin XL66 x 95168 x 241
Full/Double80 x 90203 x 229
Queen90 x 100203 x 254
Full/Queen90 x 90203 x 203
King108 x 100274 x 254
California King104 x 108264 x 274

Crochet Couch/Throw Afghan Sizes

Afghan SizeMeasurements (Inches)Measurements (cm)
Lapghan (Square)36 x 3691 x 91
Lapghan (Rectangle)36 x 4891 x 122
Child Throw (Small)42 x 48107 x 122
Child Throw (Large)42 x 52107 x 132
Youth Throw32 x 6681 x 168
Adult Throw (Small)27 x 3469 x 86
Adult Throw (Medium)30 x 3076 x 76
Adult Throw (Large)37 x 5094 x 127
Adult Throw (X-Large)52 x 60132 x 152
Afghan (Small)40 x 60102 x 152
Afghan (Medium)48 x 60122 x 152
Afghan (Large)50 x 64127 x 163

We hope our afghan sizes chart has helped you decide on what size blanket to crochet.

For crochet blanket patterns, check out our collection of Crochet Afghan Patterns, Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns and Crochet Blanket Patterns. If you are done making one, please do share some pictures on our Facebook Page.

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