Crochet Box Stitch – Stitch Of The Week – Free Tutorial

Step by step photo and written instructions for how to crochet the box stitch. Downloadable diagram to keep.

Crochet Box Stitch

Crochet Box Stitch is the stitch of the week. This stitch is pretty in a single color yarn. It really comes into its own when worked in rows of graduating colors, or in alternating colors.

This tutorial uses both US and British terms so you can’t get confused, and comes with step by step written instructions, along with photos and even a downloadable photo and diagram for you to keep in your stitch reference files.

This stitch makes the prettiest baby blanket. It is also used when you want waves or ripples of color, such as a mermaid or fish blanket. This is such a pretty stitch and adds another dimension to all crochet patterns.

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Crochet Box Stitch Diagram Here


Step By Step Photos And Instructions Here