Beautiful butterfly shawl – free pattern

Free crochet pattern for this stunning butterfly shawl. Would look amazing in a shimmering yarn.

Wow, breathtaking! This butterfly shawl looks like it could be a lot of work, but wow, wouldn’t it be a stunner. Imagine using some iridescent yarns, and making the wings of the butterfly really shimmer against a dark background. Or one of the neat yarns that has metallic threads or sequins.

Here are some you might like for this shawl.

Add a little sparkle, shine, shimmer and glamour to your life with these luxury yarns.  Enjoy the metallic threads, glitters and sequins and create something that will sparkle in the candlelight next time you go out to dinner.  (Check out the links to compare prices.)



Download the free butterfly shawl crochet pattern here

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