How to Join Yarn with Magic Knot Technique

How to Join Yarn with Magic Knot Technique

Do you get frustrated when you come to the end of your yarn skein and have to start a new one? I always dread joining a new ball and find changing yarn irritating. Then, when you are done crocheting, you are left with multiple loose ends that you must weave in.

But if you know how to make the magic knot; you can get rid of all those pesky loose ends. Keep reading to learn more about the magic knot and how to make it.

What Is the Magic Knot?

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The magic knot crochet technique is a simple way to join two ends of yarn. The technique comes in handy when you reach the end of one yarn ball and need to start a new one. You can also use it to change colours.

Magic knots in crochet often receive criticism. This is because people often fail to make a tight and secure knot. However, when done properly, the magic knot is small, secure, and nearly invisible.

When Can You Use the Magic Knot

The magic knot is a great choice when working on projects with lots of texture and complex patterns. The texture and patterns help to hide the knot. Not only can the magic knot be used in crochet, but you can also use it in various crafts like string and knitting.

How to Tie a Magic Knot

Easy Step-by-Step Magic Knot Crochet Instructions

how to tie a magic knot
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Follow these step-by-step instructions below to learn how to make a magic knot yarn join:

1.    Take the ends of the yarn attached to your project (old yarn) and the new yarn and lay them parallel to each other. They should sit about 1 inch (2.54 cm) apart and be about 8 inches (20.32 cm) long. The one attached to your work should be at the top, coming from the left. The new yarn should be at the bottom, coming in from the right.

2.    Take the end of the bottom yarn and fold it upwards and lay it crossing the top yarn, making an X.

3.    Take the end of the top yarn and fold it downwards and lay it under the bottom yarn, making an X. Now the new yarn will cross the old yarn in 2 places.

4.    Fold the tip of the new yarn under the old yarn between the pieces of yarn. Fold the yarn back over the new yarn and make a knot. Tug it to make it tight.

5.    Fold the tip of the old yarn over the new yarn between the pieces of yarn. Fold the yarn back over the new yarn and make a knot. Tug it to make it tight. Now you have 2 knots with an O between them.

6.    Pull on both ends of the yarn until the 2 knots come together. Tug on the ends to get a tight knot.

7.    Trim off the ends close to the magic knot.

Tips for Making Magic Knots in Crochet

Here are some helpful tips for making the crochet magic knot:

  • Choosing your yarn

When making a magic knot, you want the two threads of yarn to be similar weight, thickness, and fibre content. This will help you create a secure and seamless magic knot yarn join.

  • Work with long tails

Before you create the magic knot, be certain you leave long tails on both yarn ends.  The longer tails will make it easier for you to create a secure knot.

  • Make tight knots

Gently tug on both yarn ends to make the knots as tight as possible. If the knots are not tight, the magic knot can come undone.

  • Test the strength

Give the magic knot a gentle tug to test its strength. You want to make certain that the knot holds up before you continue with your project.

  • Trim the tails

One reason to use a magic knot is to reduce the number of tails you must weave in. Once the magic knot is complete and secure, trim the tails as close to the knot as possible without damaging or loosening the magic knot.

  • Hide the knot

Even though the knot is fairly invisible, you can spot it if you are looking. When using a magic knot, try to position it in an inconspicuous area.

  • Practice

Before you use a magic knot in a project, practice making the knot. This will allow you to become more comfortable with the technique.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Magic Knot

Does the magic knot create a secure and strong connection?

When made correctly, the magic knot can create a secure and strong connection. Tying the magic knot tightly helps to interlock the fibres, resulting in a sturdy join.

When using a magic knot, it is important that you always test its strength before continuing with your crochet project.

Can the magic knot be used with different types of yarn?

The magic knot can be used with different types of yarn. However, it is important to consider the compatibility of the 2 yarn ends you are joining. The yarns should be of similar weight, thickness, and fiber content.

Will a magic knot come undone?

When properly tied, a magic knot is designed to be secure. It should not come undone during regular use. However, you should always check the strength of a magic knot.

Is the magic knot visible in finished crochet projects?

When made correctly, the magic knot is designed to be almost invisible. The small, compact knot should be strategically placed within the stitches to make it blend seamlessly with the surrounding yarn.

What is the magic knot in crochet?

The magic knot is a joining technique that allows you to seamlessly join two pieces of yarn. The technique is commonly used when transitioning from one skein of yarn to another or when changing colors.

I hope you enjoyed this magic knots tutorial

When you need to change yarn colours or reach the end of a ball, it is important to securely join the old and new yarn. There are several methods for doing this. When working on projects with lots of texture, I recommend using the magic knot. The magic knot provides a secure bond that is virtually invisible.

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