Back to School Toddler Boy Crochet Vest Pattern 

If your son is tired of receiving a big box of toys on his birthdays, then maybe it’s time to change what’s in the box this year. Why not try a Back to School Toddler Boy Crochet Vest Pattern instead? It’s a warm and cozy vest that your son would surely love and brag about to his playmates.

Pamela Stark designed this vest pattern. She specifically made this design for her son, Marek, to express how much she loves and appreciates him. What an inspiring backstory! So now, let’s dig in and know more about this crochet pattern that will take the usual, boring vest to the next level!

Back to School Toddler Boy Crochet Vest Pattern 


Pamela Stark made it a point to let accomplished pattern testers and designers to test her design to make sure that it’s 100% free from any errors. Talk about doing the extra mile for her pattern! It makes buyers confident that they would not have any trouble following the pattern’s instructions and would enable them to stitch a wonderful gift for their sons.

With the pattern’s intermediate level, together with its tested pattern, the creator made sure that everyone can make their own vests and express their love. You surely wouldn’t find it too difficult to make a crochet vest for your son. 

Another great fact about Pamela’s pattern is it was actually her entry to the Design Wars Back to School Challenge 2014 and was voted as “#1 Favorite Design”! What more can prove its quality?

  • YARN – ww
  • HOOK – 6 mm J and 3.75mm F
  • TOGGLE BUTTONS – 4 pieces


An approximate of 1000-1750 yards of ww yarn is needed. Specific yarn used by Pamela for this project was Lion Brand Heartland which has 251 yards or 5 ounces per skein. A more specific yardage per sizes are found below:

  • Size 2-4: 2 skeins for each color (A and B)
  • Size 6-8: 2 skeins for each color (A and B). If you’re making the hood too, add another skein of Color A
  • Size 10-12: 3 skeins for each color (A and B)
  • Size 14-16: 4 skeins of Color A, and 3 skeins of Color B 


This pattern creates a crochet vest that has 2 layers of crochet, and a collar or hood. Crocheters also has the option to put pockets in any part of the vest they will deem necessary.

Currently, this pattern only has sizes 2-16 for children. More sizes will be coming in the next months. Watch out for the additional size patterns! Soon, baby and adults will get to enjoy these stunning vests, too!


Visiting the malls or browsing on online shops are the norm today. The same goes when it comes to choosing our gifts for our loved ones. This makes the process kind of impersonal. You choose, you buy, you wrap, and you give, that’s it! Sometimes, you don’t even have to wrap the gift because the shop personnel already stands by to do it for you. Maybe it’s time to make your gift a little more ‘personal’ this year…

With this wonderful vest pattern, you’ll bring your gift-giving to a whole new level by making your next gift all by yourself! It will be a labor of love for your loved ones which they truly deserve. 

It would also be a ‘gift’ for yourself as you get to sharpen your skills in crochet making that will enable you to make more sophisticated patterns in the future. You didn’t expect that stitching can this be great, do you? With this, there are no more reasons why shouldn’t start making a Back to School Toddler Boy Crochet Vest Pattern today!