Make Yarn Swift At Home Crochet Tools

Video on how to make your own yarn swift using a couple of items from the Dollar Store

Make Yarn Swift At Home Crochet Tools

Make yarn swift at home. Ok, so not everyone has great woodworking skills or knows a man that does. As much as you loved the video tutorial on how to make your own yarn swift, we had a couple of readers ask if we had any other ideas for DIY that didn’t involve power tools and building from scratch.  Something simpler?  (see the previous video here –>)


Of course, you might have to sacrifice some style if you really want the easy and budget route to making your own yarn swift, but we’ve found a solution that should work for even the most DIY challenged.  Some people are just so ingenious!  Need is the mother of invention, as they say.

Now there’s no excuse for you to not buy yarn on skeins or hanks and wind them into balls or cakes at home.


Get your materials here –>

Expanding Coat Rack Wooden With Pegs– buy a pack of two

Lazy Susan Turntable

Ball Winders


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