Finishing Crochet With Confidence – Free E-Book

Finishing Crochet With Confidence - How to finish your crochet

Finishing Crochet With Confidence

Finishing Crochet With Confidence is a free PDF guide featuring 20+ pages of tips, tricks and tutorials from three trusted crochet experts. Available exclusively from Craftsy, this great guide is completely free, instantly downloadable and yours to enjoy anytime, anywhere (you can even print it if you’d like!).

What You’ll Get

  • Instant access to tips and tricks from crochet experts
  • Easy-to-follow photo tutorials on how to finish crochet
  • Detailed breakdowns of popular edgings, button styles and more

What You’ll Learn

From edgings that every crocheter should have in the toolkit to best practices for blocking, learn how to finish crochet projects cleanly, confidently and beautifully using easy, essential techniques you can take into all of your projects.

  • 5 edgings you should know (crab stitch, shell edging, picot edging, block edging and blanket edging)
  • Tips for working with buttons and button holes
  • 3 Methods for weaving in ends
  • Top tips for seamlessly joining crochet
  • How to wash crocheted pieces
  • Beautiful blocking step by step
  • And more!

Next Steps to Improve your Crochet results

This is just the begining! Master more than 30 crochet finishing techniques for professional-looking crochet with step-bystep guidance from designer and beloved instructor Linda Permann in her Craftsy class Professional Finishing for Perfect Crochet.

Sign up now to learn how to confidently create smooth seams, clean colorwork, buttonholes and more. Simply click the image below to start growing your skills with convenient online classes you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, forever.

Download the Finish Your Crochet With Confidence Ebook here

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