Crochet Granite Stitch Tutorial – Written + Video

Are you looking for a way to add interest to your crochet projects without having to spend hours learning a complicated pattern? Then you must check out the crochet granite stitch!

The granite stitch crochet, also known as the moss stitch, is a game changer for anyone that likes to crochet.

It is easy enough for a beginner to learn, but creates enough interest in the texture that experienced crocheters will love it too!

The granite crochet stitch is created simply by combining the chain stitch and single crochet stitch. See what I mean about easy?

This stitch looks great and is so easy to learn, you’ll pick it up in no time.

Check out our tutorials below to learn how to work the granite crochet stitch!

granite crochet stitch

Written Granite Crochet Stitch Tutorial

You only need to know TWO stitches to work the granite stitch. Chain stitch and single crochet stitch.

Begin by crocheting a foundation row. Any number is fine, just make sure it’s an even number!

Row 1: Find the FOURTH chain stitch from your hook. Work a single crochet stitch into the fourth chain stitch.

[Chain 1, skip the next chain stitch, work a single crochet stitch in the next chain stitch]

Repeat [] to the end of the row.

In the final chain stitch, work a single crochet stitch. Turn. Chain 2.

Row 2: Into the FIRST chain 1 space, work a single crochet stitch.

[Chain 1, in the next chain 1 space, work a single crochet stitch]

Repeat [] to the end of the row.

End the row with a single crochet stitch in the chain 3 space at the end.

Turn. Work 2 chain stitches.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2. At the end of the row, work a single crochet stitch in the chain 2.

Repeat ROW 3 until you reach your desired length!

This is a wonderfully, easy and versatile stitch that you simply must take a stab at with some cozy yarn!

Granite Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial by Moogly shows you how to work the granite crochet stitch (or moss stitch) step by step!

Patterns to Use the Granite Crochet Stitch

The super easy granite crochet stitch creates an interesting and eye-catching texture!

You can use this stitch for a variety of projects! From sweaters to bags, the granite stitch is thin enough for sweaters and sturdy enough for bags!

The granite stitch is a great one to use to work up quick and easy projects for yourself or as gifts. Because it is easy you can work quickly, but the stitch will still look great!

Whether you work in one color, variegated colors, or stripe colors you can make just about anything!

The granite crochet stitch will work with any yarn type as well. Use it with a chunky yarn to make a fast scarf or blanket!

A lighter sport weight yarn works great to make up a crochet granite sweater.

Granite Crochet Stitch

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning the granite crochet stitch, also called the moss stitch!

Be sure to post the patterns you make to our Facebook page.

Check out all of our crochet stitch tutorials here.

Happy crocheting with your new granite crochet stitch!


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