12 Crochet Spider Web Patterns

It’s time to bring out your crochet spider web decoration because Halloween is just around the corner! We love crochet decorations because they are so easy to make and they can be used year after year. 

Want to make your own Halloween decorations too? We gathered some of the best crochet spider web patterns that you can turn into your own decoration. You can even use some of them as your costume!


1. Whimsical Bernat Blanket Free Crochet Spider web Pattern From Yarnspirations

Is your kid a big fan of superheroes? Why not surprise him with his very own superhero-themed crochet spider web blanket?

If you’re looking for a blanket that perfectly captures the usual color palette of a traditional superhero, then this free crochet spider web pattern is for you!

With its bright and eye-catching colors, your little one will surely love it.
To achieve the exact look, you will need 2 balls each of Bernat® Blanket Brights in Royal Blue and Race Car Red. In adding the white details, you will need one ball of Bernat Baby Blanket in White.

Whimsical Bernat Blanket Free Crochet Spider web Pattern From Yarnspirations

Get this free Pattern here.

2. Spider Web Blanket Crochet Pattern By croShangriLa

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend who loves everything spooky? We might have a crochet blanket he will love!

To create the spider web design, you will be using two yarn colors: black and white. The pattern you’ll receive is written for the white version.

To create the mostly black version, all you have to do is invert the colors used in the pattern.

Because this spider web crochet only uses the basic stitches, this project is perfect for crocheters at any level. Even those who are starting out can surely finish this crochet project.

Spider Web Blanket Crochet Pattern By croShangriLa

Get the Spider Web Blanket Crochet Pattern By croShangriLa Here

3. Halloween Doily Spider Web Crochet Pattern by Julia Hart of Draiguna

Decorate your homes for Halloween with this Halloween Doily Spider Web Crochet. This spider web doily serves both functionality and style in your homes’ center and dinner tables or even your walls for this season!

An excellent present for friends and relatives who are fond of handmade items. This crochet spider web doilies are also for those people who love decorating their homes for the holidays.

The doily displays a mesh of webs surrounding four spiders. It features 16 patterns merged together on the exterior rounds.

  • Decoration – If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party, this doily is the perfect ornament for your tables, even your walls. It looks fancy with a hint of the Halloween spirit because of the added spider designs in the pattern.

  • Protection – Like all other functions of a doily, aside from it aesthetically-wised design, it serves as a protection for our furniture. It absorbs water dripping from our cold drinks like a coaster and prevents food accidentally dropping on our tables directly.
Halloween Spider webs Crochet Doily Pattern 

  • People who are fond of making their very own hand-made crafts – If do-it-yourself projects are your thing, then this crochet spider web pattern is for you, it challenges your skills and gives you a sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished your very own project.
  • Artsy and Crafty People – Even for those who are not a fan of making their own hand-made items but loves artsy and fancy items; this pattern can still catch their hearts. The pattern is skillfully and exquisitely designed. With this crochet spider web doily, you’ll have decorations that is fancy and with a Halloween vibe at the same time.
  • Length = 21 inches long
  • Width = 7 inches wide

This spider web crochet pattern is intended for those who are in the intermediate level of knowledge in crocheting for it features different motifs and patterns. Instructions are written in U.S. Terminology.


The spider web crochet doily is perfect for decorating your homes this Halloween season. Julia uniquely designed this so that it features complete elegance. 

halloween wall doily crochet pattern

You can also give it as a gift to your friends and even your relatives. Who wouldn’t want to receive a present that is hand-crafted especially for you?

Recipients will be elated with this doily! After all, you’ve put in a lot of effort to make the perfect gift for them. 

Happy crocheting with this Halloween Spider web Crochet Doily Pattern!

4. Free Crochet Spider Web Pattern By Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Looking for a quick to make Halloween decoration? We got you covered!

Because of how easy it is to make, this free crochet spider web pattern is perfect as a last-minute decoration. In fact, you only need to make five crochet rounds to complete this tiny web. 

Even the yarn won’t be a problem as long as you have scrap yarns from your previous projects. Feel free to use any size or any type of yarn.

Stick to the usual black and white yarn colors if you’re going for a spooky-themed Halloween. It will also look good when crocheted in bright colors if you are having a fun-themed Halloween.

Free Cute Crochet Spider Web Pattern By Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Get this Pattern Here.

5. Spider Web Wrap Crochet Pattern By YARNutopia

Do you think you’re too old to wear a costume but still want to be in the Halloween spirit while accompanying your little one’s in their trick or treating?

Well, why not wear this Crochet Spider Web Wrap that’s perfect for Halloween!

Making this wrap is pretty easy since the whole wrap is made using only one stitch, the double crochet stitch. As for the spider web design, it is created by adding the lines that make up the web look using surface crochet. 

To complete this project, you will need the following yarns: Red Heart Yarns Chic Sheep Yarn in Stiletto, Red Heart Yarns Hygge Charm in Starlight.

The recommended hook, on the other hand, is a size J or a 6mm crochet hook. Although feel free to use other hook sizes that you usually use for medium yarns.

Spider Web Wrap Crochet Pattern By YARNutopia

Get the Spider Web Wrap Crochet Pattern By YARNutopia here

6. Crochet Halloween Wreath Pattern with Spider Web Applique By HighlandHickoryDsgns

Your Halloween decorations do not always have to be spooky! How about taking your Halloween decorations this year to another level by going for a bright and fun theme? 

One decor you can make is this Crochet Halloween Wreath with a Spider Web Applique in the middle! The colors used in this lovely wreath will fit perfectly in your fun and bright Halloween theme. 

Although bright and colorful, the designer made it Halloween-appropriate by using colors that are still associated with the holiday.

Adding the spiderweb crochet pattern in the middle and the adorable crawly spider definitely added a touch of spookiness to the wreath.

Complete this year’s Halloween decorations by hanging this to your door to welcome trick-or-treaters!

Crochet Halloween Wreath Pattern with Spider Web Applique By HighlandHickoryDsgns

Get the Pattern By HighlandHickoryDsgns Here

7. Crochet Spider Web Shawl By CrochetSpotPatterns

Planning to change things up by going for an elegant-looking costume this Halloween? Why not try this unique and simple Halloween shawl inspired by a spider web!

We love how anyone, no matter their size, can fit in this spider web crochet shawl. Since the shawl is crocheted in rounds from the center out, all you have to do to adjust the size is to add more or fewer rounds until it perfectly fits you.

Work on this shawl and drape it over your shoulders in your yearly Halloween party. You can even hang it and turn it into an awesome wall decoration!

Crochet Spider Web Shawl By CrochetSpotPatterns

Get the Crochet Spider Web Shawl Pattern By CrochetSpotPatterns Here

8. Red Heart Table Topper Free Crochet Spider Web Pattern From Yarnspirations

Planning to throw a huge party this Halloween? Don’t forget to decorate your table of treats with this Table Topper Free Crochet Spider Web Pattern! 

With its spider web design, this is the perfect way to add a spooky yet fun-looking design on your table. Make it stand out even more by using a pumpkin orange yarn color!

So if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your mostly black and white Halloween decorations, this spiderweb crochet pattern is perfect for you! You can even use it year after year because it’s so easy to clean.

Red Heart Table Topper Free Crochet Spider Web Pattern From Yarnspirations

Get this Free Pattern Here.

9. Crochet Spider Web Applique Pattern By Golden Lucy Crafts

Don’t you just love making crochet projects that can be used in multiple ways? We know you do! That’s why we added this tiny Crochet Spider Web Applique Pattern. 

Measuring just 2 inches in diameter, this crochet spider web applique is made using a cotton thread size 10. Make sure to use a 1.8mm crochet hook to achieve the desired size!

Although it’s pretty simple, it can be used in a lot of ways! In fact, you can make multiple spider webs and join them together to create a garland.

You can also decorate your pillowcases or blankets by sewing some of these spider web appliques on them. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can turn them into earrings or keychains as well.

Crochet Spider Web Applique Pattern By Golden Lucy Crafts

Get this Crochet Spider Web Applique Pattern By Golden Lucy Crafts Here

10. Wearable Crochet Spider Web Pattern by Hellohappy

Looking for a wearable spider web that you can use in multiple ways? You can work on this spider web fringe that can be worn as a scarf, a cowl, or however you like it!

If you want to make the neck hole a little bit bigger, feel free to do so. Although you have to take note that the web will be smaller as you increase the size of the neck hole.

Since this pattern uses more advanced crochet stitches, this pattern is for intermediate crocheters.

Although it does not contain all the tutorials on how to do each stitch, they included photos and notes to guide you in making this crochet spider web. 

Wearable Crochet Spider Web Pattern by Hellohappy

Get the Wearable Crochet Spider Web Pattern by Hellohappy Here

11. Granny Poncho Free Crochet Spider Web Pattern By Sheep Knits

If crocheting granny squares is a project you really enjoy, then you have to try this crochet spider web poncho! Who would have thought this adorable poncho is made using granny squares?

We all know granny squares can be used in a wide range of projects and this poncho is a great example. This Poncho Free Crochet Spider Web Pattern includes instructions on not only how to make the granny square, but also how to assemble everything. 

As compared to other wearable Crochet spider webs on the list, this one looks a lot thicker. To achieve the same thickness, you can use two strands of the Bernat Baby Coordinates Solids DK weight yarn.

Make it a little more spooky by attaching a spider to the poncho. They included a link to a free spider pattern that you can make.

Granny Poncho Free Crochet Spider Web  Pattern By Sheep Knits

Get this Free Pattern Here

12. Crochet Spider Web Coaster Pattern

Crochet spider web coaster pattern will add a little Halloween decor to your party or dinner this year, how about this spider web coaster. It uses quite a few chain stitches to create a look of a spider web!

You can make this with the traditional black and white colors or you can get crazy with it and use bright colors or make your square bigger and just increase your chains each round to make your web larger!

Tips: Be sure to check your tension and use the correct size hook for your square. The video demonstrates with an H-5.00mm crochet hook in the video tutorial. If yours turns out wonky when you are finished, you may need to block this square to make it nice and flat.


Red heart super saver yarn in as many colors as you want.
H 5mm crochet hook
-Yarn Needle

-You can use a smaller or larger hook to make this square depending on your tension. I wouldn’t use anything larger than an I-5.5mm Crochet Hook though.
-The finished square measures 6.5 inches
-This square is worked from the center outward

How to crochet spider web coaster video tutorial

Which Crochet Spider Web Pattern Will You Make?

Ohh! So many crochet spiderweb patterns to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a costume, a Halloween decor, or an accessory, we have a lot of options for you in this list.

As always, we love seeing which pattern from this list you are working on. Don’t forget to post your works on our Facebook page!

If you’re looking for more, you’ll love these Halloween Amigurumi Patterns and Crochet Spider Patterns.

Other than a crochet spider web, what other decorations are you planning to make for this year’s Halloween?


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