DIY Yarn Swift – How To Make Your Own Crochet Tools

DIY Yarn Swift - How To Make Your Own Crochet Tools


DIY Yarn Swift – How To Make Your Own Crochet Tools

How To Make Your Own Yarn Swift crochet tool at home. We wrote previously and shared a video on how to correctly use a yarn swift and ball winder.

Used to create your own yarn balls at home. From either frogged (reclaimed and recycled) yarn or from hanks or skeins.  If you love to buy specialist yarns, hand dyed, luxury, premium or bulk yarns you might find that they come in hanks.

Which will need winding into balls unless you want to create a big mess trying to crochet right from the hank.

Do check out our previous article and video to see how a yarn swift works – we’re sure you’ll want to give it a try yourself.  It will open up a whole new world and range of yarns you might have been concerned about buying before.


How To Make Your Own Yarn Swift - Crochet Tools


Cheaper To Make Your own Yarn Swift Then To Buy

But yarn swifts can be expensive, and not within everyone’s budget if you are only going to use it from time to time.  The cheaper ones tend to be a bit flimsy too.  

But if you are handy with some basic tools, or know a man who is, you can make a very nice and sturdy one yourself.  It is totally collapsible it folds up flat to take up very little room when it’s not being used.

AND it’s fully adjustable to fit hanks and skeins of all sizes.

Get out the power tools, raid the garage or DIY store for the right wood. You will soon be enjoying watching your own yarn swift spin round and round.  All the dimensions and materials you need are mentioned in the video so get a paper and pencil handy.


Check out this DIY video on how to make your own yarn swift


Not so good at DIY?  Then check out yarn swifts you can buy instead.

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