Crochet Kimono Doll Pattern Amigurumi Of The Week

Super-cute Kimono Doll amigurumi crochet pattern.


Crochet Kimono Doll Amigurumi Pattern

This Crochet Kimono Doll pattern and tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful, little doll wearing a traditional kimono. Kumiko is quiet but very friendly, always wearing a sweet smile and understanding look on her face.

This doll makes for a lovely friendship gift, desk accessory, or décor in the home. The pattern’s base is highly customizable. Changing the colors and color variation can create a completely different look! Some other ideas to make this doll your own include embroidering designs on the kimono dress and sleeves, adding buttons, attaching beads, and even adding new hair accessories or bows. Don’t be afraid to let your creative side loose!


Materials needed

• Worsted medium weight (4) yarn in selected colors (check out our shop for our recommended yarn suppliers)
• 3.50 mm crochet hook
9mm plastic safety eyes
• Yarn needle
• Fiberfill stuffing
• Beads/pellets for weighted stuffing in body


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