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21 Crochet Wolf Patterns

Wolves are symbolic of strength and possess a fierceness in the wild. Do you know someone who embodies these traits or simply loves wolves? You’ll want to browse below …

12 Crochet Narwhal Patterns

The narwhal truly is the Unicorn of the Sea! These cute critters have become hugely popular in kids’ cartoons and media in general. And why shouldn’t they? They’re like …

21 Crochet Minion Patterns

For years now, Minions-inspired crocheting has been a mainstay, and if you’re on the lookout for a new Minion project to complete, do check out these crochet minion patterns! …

10 Elmo Crochet Patterns

He’s red, fluffy, and funny, and he’s the most memorable muppet for many. Today, we celebrate him. Read this special collection of Elmo crochet patterns! If you are a …

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