Crochet Orchid Pattern Gorgeous Flower

Advanced crochet pattern for this gorgeous orchid flower. Free pattern.

Crochet Orchid Pattern Gorgeous Flower

This crochet orchid pattern gorgeous flower is for the advanced crocheter. But with a hook, some yarn or thread, a pattern and some patience I think you can pretty much crochet anything. Take this gorgeous example.

There is only a picture of the finished flower, and some written instructions, which don’t appear to be easy to follow. So this is certainly to be considered an advanced pattern. But if you have the skills and the know-how – wow, what a stunner you could create. Drop on over and take a look and see if this pattern is for you. If anyone out there could rewrite it or create a video – you’d be very popular!

This is on a UK site so the crochet terms are most likely to be British.

Materials needed:

Use cotton yarn 1 mm
Hook 0,7 – 1 mm
Floral tape brown and green
Wire 0.4 mm for flower leave and 2mm for branch

Get the free tutorial and pattern here


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